Friday, May 1, 2015

Quilting and Chicken and Fish

 Chicken and Fish, that is what is on my wee brain this morning. Chicken and Fish. What's up with that you say? Beats me, I am even stretching it here. That said I wanted to re-visit Susan's quilt. I showed you this a while ago when she presented it at the Tuesday Ladies of the Cloth meeting. We all loved it but thought it might need a little punch mostly because it reminded us of a bubbling aquarium.   Now, just bear with me here. Picture the back ground fabric as water ferns swirling in the bubbles, the hexagons, and what else would you need? Fish, yes fish. Well, Susan initially gave us a puzzled look but took our observations under advisement. And BINGO, we have a water feature!
See what I mean? Fish, technicolor fish. Love it. 

Now remember that this is a small acquarium so you cannot over populate it and these three are just right.

Now that leads me to the chicken. As mentioned before I have an abundance of chives. Here is another favorite recipe that uses them well. Just click on the link below to go to Kitchen Chronicles for the simple recipe. 

Rotisserie Chicken with Chives (you could easily do this in a roasting pain in the oven as well)
  • sometimes trying to find inventive ways to stimulate Granny's appetite beyond cookies, cakes and candy is real challenge. I do what I can.
  • sometimes I am surprised by how amazing new friends are, how they know you so well in such a short period of time. perceptive.
  • sometimes you win the centerpiece.
  • but then sometimes you lose the game. 
  • Shakedown in Mondo coming up, wish us luck! Lucy is so excited. She runs from the cab to the bedroom, back and forth, "helping" me load in and clean and arrange. Should be interesting:)

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