Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Well, That's it, I Think

As I scan through hundreds of photo's from the TRQ show I think I have shown a representative pic from each entry. Not totally sure but close. I wish I had a way to mark a large file like that to know for sure. So, if I have forgotten one I am truly sorry, if I have duplicated, again, so sorry. 
A recent conversation has left me rather sad. A non quilter, in a rather condescending way, with a Mona Lisa smile pasted on her face no less, made several statements about quilters in general. I will not repeat them the after effect might be contagious. I know I should just consider the source but it irks none-the-less. In general sewing or quilting are considered 'quaint' but the standards of this Queen Bee. Make no mistake, this was intended to insult. After a brief conversation I was shushed to allow her to pontificate about another subject. Yep, going to let that relationship go. I need no more negativity. 
Looking at all the tedious but joyous work that goes into each of the quilts reminds me that sometimes people just do not understand. Their loss. For example, quilt number one here...just look at the color and checks (like dots. who doesn't love a check?) I suspect the child recipient of this one will cherish it, cuddle under it and love it until it is threadbare. And butterflies embroidered over all this quilt, now that is a labor of love. Hand quilted I think, it is one of those projects that reminds me of a few in my collection.
Checks and dots all in one quilt! This quilt illustrates how seemingly simple blocks combine beautifully to result in a quilt that would be happy in any decor.
I cannot find the full photo of this little basket right now but I wanted to include it in the embroidered post. Isn't this sweet? Several bloggers are using such stitching in their quilts again and becoming very popular.  Their patterns and projects are selling like hot cakes...so to speak.

  • Looking at quilts make me happy, balances out the negatives in life doesn't it?
  • Long travel day yesterday, I suppose that has an influence as well. 
  • In Western Pa we have been known to have 4 seasons in one day, frequently in transition seasons. 
  • The state flower of Pa is the orange road cone, they are in full bloom everywhere. Well, that is if you can even get on to a road to begin with.
  • I managed to keep my studio clean during two recent projects. No sorting and flipping through drawers and baskets. It is nice to be organized and efficient. Well at least once in a while! 
  • Have a great day, stitch something wonderful so that those who dismiss our passion will have something to look at while they are being awesome. 
  • Some great links below for your viewing pleasure.
String Thing Along, quilt as you go strings!

Wool Pennies from Winding Vine Wanderings

Cute Baby Goats!

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