Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Fabulous Vendors and Guess What...More Quilts!

I love waking early. According to Mr. way too early. Normally I am an early riser but since we moved to Daylight Savings Time I am even an hour earlier yet. My favorite activity this early in the day is to get my coffee (in my favorite mug) and head for the porch to my big rocking chair and heavy blanket with Miss Lucy. In early Spring we have the opportunity to watch our little world come alive. We have the big birds, the Owls, Falcons, Crows, Ravens and Turkeys all flying around, squawking and squealing while they identify their territories all around us. It is a cacophony of sound. Their language not understandable to us of course, but clearly among their own species very clear. Today the little birds are darting here and there building nests. Two actually zoomed right past my head when moving from tree to tree about 4 feet off the ground. I was a little startled. It was my idea of fun.

That leads me to the subject of Fun. I spent some time talking with many of the vendors at our show. While this is clearly work to them each admitted that the atmosphere and the meeting and greeting of inspired quilters was indeed Fun.  If your are fortunate enough to love the work you do you are blessed.

I did not realize I captured this lady when snapping this pic, so sorry ma'am.  Back to the quilt, isn't it lovely. These colors would be a bold step for me and I know that I would struggle with it. However, when I see the quilt below, with all those colors, I think I could handle that.

Kudos to our members who man the cafe. We offer baked good, drinks and this year some limited bagged lunches from a local caterer. 
The Mr. would love this one. He likes bright colors and wild pattern, this has his name all over it. Of course, I prefer the opposite but this is such a happy quilt I will define it as Fun. 
Color, color, color. A Christmas quilt, this one was very different from most themed quilts I see. No fear of color here!

  • As usual my post-Easter clean up took twice as long as I predicted. I never even got to my Studio yesterday. Today the Ladies of the Cloth are on break so I will spend the day doing what I planned for yesterday. That happens a lot lately. 
  • I have a new sewing aid to try, a spray for template marking. I will report my experience. 
  •  Have a wonderful day, enjoy the exhilaration of the world waking up, Spring is finally here! And if you are so inclined stitch up something. Life is always better if your Fun happens to be some kind of needlework. IMO! 

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