Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oh My Rachel! A Machine Review

This is my little Rachel. A great machine for a beginner or an advanced Sewist. She has 50 built in stitches including decorative, functional and even button hole. If I were to purchase several machines for teaching purposes this would be the one.
The blue tape was a left over marker from another project, need to remove that. I like to stage my units so that I can do lots of chain piecing at a time.

I felt it was time to tell you about my Babylock Rachel. I have had her for a while and she has spent too much time in her trolley so I liberated her several weeks ago. What a great little machine.  I needed a second machine for classes and travel that was full featured but light weight. This machine has everything I needed for its purpose.
The only issue I have with this machine, and quite frankly most machines (in my middle aged years) is the lighting. Quickly solved by this little IKEA clip on. It securely attaches to the handle and I can move it where I need it.

Important features:
  • lightweight but sturdy
  • needle down position
  • back stitch
  • adjustable stitch length and width
  • it has 50 programmed stitches but essentially 19 of them are essential to me. 
  • the beautiful Babylock bobbin position
  • this machine uses the same feet that my Unity uses, double duty for me.
  • the stitch quality on this machine is just as good as the one that costs thousands more, it really is. I have NO reservations recommending this little sweetie. 
  • The only negative is that I need more light. I moved her over to the desk where the sergers live because there is a large fluorescent overhead light there but I need task lighting.  So that meant a trip to IKEA. (You know I don't need much of an excuse!) This little LED light is perfect for my needs. A bright circle of light that I can direct easily with the flexible neck and a clamp that stays where I put it. I will be going back to get more of these. I tossed the packaging so I don't know the name of it but if I find out I will post it. 
The perfect piecing machine, Rachel has the same speed control as the others from this manufacturer and I can zip along like a lizard on hot sand. Another point, the feed dogs do their job well. Even using the 1/4 inch piecing foot (that only uses 1/2 of the feed dog) there is no slip, slide or loss of control. To me this is essential when I am zooming along. I almost bought the Jane machine. She is a straight stitch only industrial type with a built on extension table. Not portable. So that one was relegated to the not what I need pile. Now if someone wanted to give me one to work on for a while I would not decline the offer.
*These do go on sale now and then at your Babylock dealers. If you want to know a price give them a call. I picked this one up during a special sale and it was about $100 less than usual. My dealer is great with the deals though. 
You know I love Nick Waterhouse, This is a Game.

Another Nick Favorite, Holly


Jeanneke said...

How enLIGHTened, clever and creative a sewist you are!!
Cheers to you my friend,


Julie said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I like your machine. It's almost exactly like my brother I love so much. I see you have my nippers sitting there to assist you too! Not many people understand how wonderful those are!

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