Sunday, March 8, 2015

During my Break...

Well, that went pretty fast! The best thing about these little breaks is that I take time to think, meet up with old friends and refresh. I even took a nap yesterday. On the couch, dinner not started, laundry waiting  and totally decadent. I haven't done that for quite a while. It was good.

After hearing news reports about 'snow rage' and record breaking weather events it was like a sensory overload. Now, with the time changed, warmer temps and some snow melt it is looking good.

I have spent little time in my little studio during this break. Too cold. Cannot get the space warm enough to suit me. So lots of what I planned did not get done. I really don't care all that much.
I did piece the backing for a quilt in progress.


I did manage to piece a quilt using 6 inch blocks cut from my Go Cutter.
I made apple strudels, I managed to get a pic before this baby walked.
Actually they are what I call cheater strudel. Puff pastry from the super market and my favorite home-made apple pie filling. Only barely sweet and the tart Granny Smith apples make it just right.
I finished the stitching on Pear II, not the finishing but the stitching. Pear III coming up.
  • all those TV shows I saved on DVR, well most of them went to the delete column. I have great aspirations of watching one or another and just get bored.
  • Except for the Downton Abbey finale. And the Steve Martin greatest SNL skits. King Tut is the winner above all. Still have it on the DVR. When I need a laugh I run that last 5 minutes. Works every time. 
  • Bought some seeds. Yes, seeds. Lavender tends to sell out quickly as does ornamental kale. Have to plan ahead for that stuff. Tomorrow I am going to plant some chive seeds for the kitchen. I never know if the crop from last year survives until May. I can't wait that long. The prices for fresh chives is outrageous. I could have bought a new pair of gold earrings with what I have spent on chives this Winter. 
  • And of course, the obligatory trip to IKEA for a do-dad or two. They now have nice little dividers for the wheely carts. Will fill that up in a blink! Toodles! 

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The lovely old lady on the left is my maternal grandmother's look-alike!
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