Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Third Full Week of February, The Quilter Stalled

 I have a significant collection of artisan bears and bunnies. Mostly they are put away these days. This one, A Green Mountain Bear by Mary Meyer sat on the shelf in my Studio for several months. During the January clean out he got bumped. Time to let another critter out of the box for a while. Collections are like that to me. While I stopped collecting these many years ago they hold fond memories of the times when they were found and purchased. Artists proud of their work were thrilled to have you appreciate their skill. I am not ready to part with them. They are not toys. So now and then I switch one or two out to awaken the memories of craft events past.

My tea tray today follows that 'collections' theme. See the spoon on the right? A charming piece of tea inspired memorabilia, it can be used as a Tablespoon measure, a tea bag holder or a scoop for loose tea. It also has a special memory attached.  

Adorned with a little bird and flowers I am hoping that it helps bring forth Spring. Our windchill is -24 F as we speak.

The Quilter Stalled reference is just that, stalled. I have headed to the sewing machine several times in the last few days but get sidetracked and have accomplished little. I have some little projects to share this week but the quilting....well....not so much.

In the meantime I have gathered some links to other sites that might tickle your creative streak. Have a wonderful Sunday. To my friends in Boston, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
The "Rules" of Monogram!

Drawstring Tote Bag by Amy Smart, a Tutorial.

Box Pillow Tutorial by Nancy.

A nice summary statement about Doing What you Love for a living by Anita of Cedar Hill Farmhouse.  I tried that in the 1980's. Continuing to work at my full time job I started an alteration business. Sewing for others can be tedious. I transitioned into home dec work for a couple clients and I preferred that to clothing but time was my enemy. Just too little of it with family, work and other responsibilities, the dream job turned into a nightmare. I started to resent this little project and consequently started to dislike my passion, sewing. It actually took several years to recover after I decided to abandon the project. Lesson learned: If you absolutely love something you may change your mind if it becomes work!FeaturedImageBoxPillows

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Jeanneke said...

I understand and agree! I've also seen that...done that...been there...

So good to be back home :>)

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