Sunday, February 22, 2015

Runners, not the Jogging Type, The Fabric Type

OK, so here's the deal. I am working on one stinker of a headache. Even the flash from the camera is like ice picks in my eyes. It has been coming for two days. The light sensitivity, the sounds of people talking, the queasiness. Yeah, it is going to be a doosie. It has been about a year since I had a migraine visit. On that note I shut off the infernal machine and called it quits. My runners, inspired by these photo's from All People Quilt are not done.  Should be but they are not. (I gather photo's of projects for inspiration and store them in my photo files, not Pinterest.)  So I thought I would do a quick share. If you work with pre-cuts or your own cut strips you most likely have left-overs. This one is perfect to use those up. I hate wasting fabric. This simple sew-the-strips-together item can be adjusted to your personal stash. I normally use very thin batting on these because I set dishes on them.

Have any left over log cabin blocks? Hook them up, trim them out and bingo, table runner.
I think I might have this fabric somewhere.
  • I do have circles! The abandoned circle quilt project netted some different sized circles. Now my wee brain in re-considering the plan. 
  • I suspect you are tired of my weather reports but I have to say, this is getting old. Everyone around me is jumpy with cabin fever, it is starting to rub off. A dear friend who NEVER rants is ranting and wailing about nothing. It's not good I tell you not good. And we are in much better shape than many. I feel guilty.
  • I was watching an Oscar segment where one diligent man was dusting the wooden fretwork around a stage platform. Really? Come here, I'll show you some dust!
  • Well, off to investigate a thumping noise, the Mr. just passed me with a ladder!  How is going to climb that thing with a cane? I told you....cabin fever!

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