Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quilt Designs, Old and New

I have never seen a photo of Martha Stewart's Bedford farm that was not enchanting. You know what I mean? In any season the bucolic surroundings are so well designed that Nature enhances itself with each change of temperature, each layer of snow, angle of the sun.

Have you noticed how traditional quilting patterns and designs are being reinterpreted by the Modern movement? Some ingenious design and bright colored fabric gives these new quilts a pop that redefines the traditional pattern.

For example: A new way to make Flying Geese avoids the bias edge issue for the adventurous quilter. Constructed in columns, this one could have distinctly different aesthetic depending on the color choice.
Just click on the this link to read the post, see the photo tutorial and enjoy. Nancy Zieman mixes up the Flying Geese.
  • A creative re-working of a traditional design gives any quilter the opportunity to stretch her 'proverbial' wings with her projects. I think these flying geese are very interesting in that sense. 
  • Jenny Doan does the same thing with her designs. She studies the traditional and modifies the pattern to suit a pre-cut fabric.
  • Old Friends are sort of like this. Traditional with a modern interpretation. These long standing friendships are comfortable and secure, these friends are like book marks in our lives. Time passes, lives change, evolve, implode and yet the friendships endure. We are all showing signs of wear and tear, of age and events. Oldest of the group, I have a slightly different perspective on some things but most importantly the younger members provide Me with the vision of how we will continue to grow and thrive. Good times.  

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