Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pearly There

If I were a professional blogger I would have braved the elements and taken beautiful pics of the freshly fallen snow.  I'm not and I am not going out there! Don't do cold well dearies, not at all!
 So I opened my front door, brrr...., one of those miserable stink bugs fell in from the top right on my head and bounced to the floor. Frozen little bugger but he will thaw out and live to creep around again if I do not dispose of him. So I quickly grab a paper towel, smash him, hear the definitive crunch and toss him. The only good thing about below zero temps is that if you do find one of these now that they don't stink...quite as much!
Under that snow is a couple inches of ice. Not going to be coming in this door for a while. So, until my plowman arrives I am stranded. No Ladies of the Cloth for me today. Darn!

On to a brighter subject. Pear II in progress. Actually, I am farther along than this since a late night stitch-a-bit when I couldn't sleep. This is the photo of Marly's finished Pear. Lovely, isn't it? 
 Courtesy Marly, Samplers and Santa's Blog.

I already messed up the leaves around the cone flower, ripped them out and re-stitched them. I counted wrong. The colors are very subtle and Primitive in style. Of course you could change the colors if that is not your preference.  

 This was stitched during Downton Abbey on Sunday Night. I watch a bit, I stitch a bit. I watch more than I stitch.

So, that's all for now but I have added some nice new links below if you are interested. Stay warm.

  • I am done with this Winter. While we have nothing at all compared to friends in New England I am still done.
  • I will make some little changes with the finishing of this Pear and hopefully have big results. 
  • Snowbound = Sewbound to me. Since I can't get out I will head to the studio since my all-day-sew last Thursday was a no go.
STONE GABLE BLOG: some tips for easy entertaining, Easter is on the way!

 FREE MOTION BY THE RIVER BLOG: Connie shares some ideas for strips and scraps. Baskets and coasters for your consideration.


MARCY TILTON'S BLOG FOR EVERYDAY CREATIVES: just look what they did with bits and pieces and scraps of fabric! 

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