Monday, February 23, 2015

Now What? and Pear II

Now, I won't be surprised if you look at the above pic of Pear II and think so what's new about this? More than you think. I have made a habit of doing my cross-stitch projects while watching television. This one has been a Downton Abbey ditty. Last week I had the flower and the stems etc. done and when the show was over and I took it off the hoop well the whole thing was 'off!' The count was off and everything was therefore 'off.' I took it all out, picked out every little stitch and said some stern words to myself in the process. It seems I cannot do two things at once. Well at least if even the slightest precision is required! After I managed to get the headache under control I finished the rip out and got everything ready for AFTER Downton Abbey. This is my new start. Seems like I better get a move on, February ends this week. How did that happen?

  • My headache cure has been developed over time. Advice from a dear friend, now gone, gave me the best instruction. No major medication involved, just one extra strength Tylenol. Then I peel a strong onion, with my hands under warm running water. Warm the hands and cool the head with an ice bag. A bit of sleep with a a touch of darkness then like magic it ebbs away. The onion will be a tosser mind you after you weep and drip all over it and multiple tissues are required but a small price to pay I think.    
  • As mentioned, I cannot do two things at once any more. Maybe I never could but I just figured it out. Scary thought.
  • Back to the Downton experience, now what? It seems we are wrapping the whole thing up soon. The next season is the last. I suspect if you don't get killed off, married away or sent to prison you may make it to the finale. For heaven's sake they killed off the DOG! Was that necessary? I don't think so. 
  • I don't think Anna will look good in prison stripes. So pale, so frail.
  • Cousin Violet has the best lines. Crackers, every one! 
  • Good old Thomas seems to have a benevolent streak. I don't really trust it but it was a nice departure.
  • I am loving the clothes this season. I have always been drawn to the twenties. No place for Ta-Ta's in those dresses ladies. 
  •  Went out for early dinner today and by show time I needed a nibble. The little tray with what appears to be eyeballs staring at you was the repast. Recipe at  Kitchen Chronicles.

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