Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lady Rose gets Married

The wild child of Downton Abbey has grown up this season and isn't she a sweet heart? A bright note, Lady Rose wears the clothes so well doesn't she? I have mentioned in prior posts that the costumes this season are outstanding. Design, color and fabrication are stunning. Here are a few behind the scene shots that illustrate what I mean.
Understated and elegant this champagne colored gown would look as good on the Oscar red carpet today as it would have in 1924. 
I would hope the costumes would go on tour and possibly come to my area. I would be first in line. While garment making takes a back seat for me and certainly this type of garment, just admiring the piece would be a great inspiration for anyone to return to sewing. Have you ever?
This icy gray/blue suit is a classic. That walking pleat/gusset is showing on runways now. I like the little peek-a-boo at the hem. I cannot tell what it is or if it is just the very drapey fabric folding back on itself.
The trim and lace of this collar and the top of the dress are so feminine and balanced. Not too much but just enough to frame her pretty little face. A single strand of pearls, classic, my favorite. Not a hat person myself but this one suits the times.  The fabric looks like a fine wool or a wool crepe to me.    

  • The Mr and I were remarking the other day about the dress of our childhood. When in public, on plane, train, dinner out, church, etc. you were expected to be 'dressed' and everyone was. No matter the income level or circumstance you were 'dressed.' No lounge clothes, no large expanses of exposed skin. What happened. Has our society truly been reduced to the lowest denominator?
  • Jennifer L. Scott, author and lifestyle blogger, posted an interesting video this week-end. Refuse to be Dumbed Down. She is absolutely correct in her conclusions. If we permit this current culture to over run our better senses all civility will be lost. 
  • A persons dress does indeed reflect their personality and their vision of self. Another blogger, Myrna Giesbrecht  has been exploring this notion for a long time. Since the first of the year she has shared a personal journey of dressing to suit your personality and your lifestyle. While her exploration is almost obsessive she offers many good points that one could explore independently if you shared that passion.
  • I don't. I tried to care a lot more. I tried to want to express my personality in clothing but I end up in a uniform of sorts. I has to be basic, flexible, comfortable and right now, above all, warm.
  • If you are interested in wardrobe design and versatility there is none better than Janice Riggs of  The Vivienne Files here.  Taking some basic elements, usually a scarf or a signature piece, Janice builds entire wardrobes that guide the reader in her quest for looking better.
  • And isn't what this is all about?  Being well groomed and dressed appropriately is all that we ask. Just look at Lady Rose. 
  •  An example from Janice today. A simple combination, colors are well matched but not 'matchy.' Comfortable and chic. Another winner Janice!                   

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