Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Other Side of the Sun

 I have, unknowingly, become one of the "drop off bloggers" you don't care for. You get used to a routine then whamo, things change. I apologize. This week has been so busy that I haven't had time to upload photos. I will fix that. Anyway, It is a good thing I don't need to work on a tan! In Western Pa there is no sun. Clouds and rain daily with a rare bean of sunlight. I feel like we live on the other side of the Sun! The above is a photo courtesy of NASA, 3 D yet! Not on my radar I'm afraid. The joke around here is that the Three Rivers Art Festival always brings inclement weather. Most of the venue's are outside. Maybe this year will be different and we have all the nasty weather out of the way so that the artists aren't wet for two weeks.

The fun stuff is domestic here. Garden beds look good, even the beans have sprouted in a spritely way. Someone who lives here, who shall remain nameless, left the big freezer door ajar, twice. I spent yesterday chipping ice away to unearth the freezer burnt and waterlogged food. Not much survived. 2 30 gallon garbage bags lost. I am not a happy person. On the positive side, about 100 pounds of ice has been freed to melt away in the heat, it was 6-8 inches thick in places. The process took 12 hours. 12 hours I will never get back. Another positive, the July defrost and toss out is already done. Mmmmm........I'm reaching here people, really reaching and trying to remain positive.

Other news, the Viking 990 is going to a new home up North. Dear Son and Dear DIL will soon be stitching away and Dear DIL wants to learn to quilt. Step into my trap ye lovely!!!!

I have had this fabric bundle for a year. Now I know what I will do with it. Have you seen the "Coin Quilt" example by Jenny Doan? I don't have the original fabric or the fabric in pre-cuts but this yardage is in the same color family so I think it will work. That is a big decision, really. I have studied this fabric over and over and could not decide what to do with it. It was a pricey package so I wanted to do it justice. I think this is it.
Really love this! Dresden Coin Quilt - Quilting with Layer Cakes (10in Squares) (+playlist)
video here
In conclusion you might be wondering why the concerted effort to remain positive. I took this little survey the other day and it reminded me that I needed a happy word.

My Happy Word is Delight: Take The Survey here.

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