Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kennywood's Open!

I Just wanted to share this link to some historical photo's of  Kennywood Park for the locals or those interested in Amusement Park History. Scanning this collection brought back so many memories for me. Of course, only in Pittsburgh would someone have a photo of a car full of Nuns on a Roller Coaster! Those were the days when you could pack a hefty picnic basket, cover it with a pristine starched tablecloth with your family name on it. The clan would split up, ride their favorite rides all day and return to the assigned picnic table for sustenance. At the appointed dinner time all the children would return to the picnic grove or pavilion if you were lucky enough to secure one. No one would ever, ever consider touching your basket (s) or interrupting the elders playing domino's in the shade of an old tree. 
Choosing your 'Outfit" for School Picnic Day was the obsession of all the girls. When you were with your friends sometimes you all dressed alike. Picture multiple pre-teen girls in matching Madras shorts and shirts tromping the pavement with pristine white Keds. By the time you reached teen years you had to be an individual. Your Kennywood Outfit was an identifier of who you were as much as who your date was.  Looking smart was not an option, it was essential. If you were an accomplished Sewist this was the opportunity to showcase your talent. Hair was secured with Aquanet.  Having your hair not mussed on a speeding roller coaster car and dropping 40 feet into a ravine was the standard of the day. Like the Sisters in the photo, great faith was required on some of these rides! Just so you know, as of this weekend, Kennywood is Open!!!!

This signals my Spring Break from blogging. Hopefully, I will be able to get out and do something exciting while still based at home. Travel is not an option for us right now. I also hope to spend much time at the sewing machine. Have a good week, enjoy the bliss of Spring, we have waiting a long time. And of course, Happy Mother's Day to those in the US and everywhere else. A day to be thankful.  

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