Friday, May 16, 2014

Kaffe Fassett Exhibit at the American Museum in Britain

 Have you seen the video KAFFE 2014, The Wonderful World of Kaffe Fassett? Just take 5 minutes and view it here and you will be electrified.   The link was sent to me by dear Friend Rose and it was just what I needed to reformulate my Work-in-progress Kaffe piece. I have been stirring the whole thing around in my head and trying to decide how to proceed. I like the blocks, love the colors, not so keen on a quilt in this pattern. Then I thought of the framed piece that Marilyn brought in to our Sew and Sew group a couple weeks ago and I think I have it. In some ways I started with great enthusiasm but as it languishes on the design wall I have concluded it needs to be a wall piece. Not a 'hanging quilt' per se but a piece of art. For me, in my space. Saturated color to inspire. 

some of the blocks still on the wall

Some of my favorite take-away's from the video.
  • 00:47-Check out the multi-colored Shawl with the deep fringe. Yowsers! And the quilt on the wall, in the background, I have seen this one up close. It is beautiful.
  • 01:27-Another I have seen, stunning.
  • 01:58-Snowball quilt in Kaffe fabrics makes an entirely different presentation.
  • 02:27-Needlepoint, never done it, maybe someday. 
  • 03:15-Who does not love a pom-pom? Where are my rollerskates? Remember those? 
  • 03:18-No sedate Granny Squares here.
  • 03:47-Take note of the pumpkin shaped item on the center of the table. Is that decor or a pin cushion?   Things are sparking upstairs I'm telling you!
  • 04:14-I need, need, need that teapot. A head of cauliflower, are you kidding me?
  • 04:41-Buttons on hats? What a great idea. I can see some little girls that I know who would be all over that. 
Well, that just proved that I like just about everything, doesn't it. Book my Flight Fiona, I'm on my way to Bath. What a fantastic exhibit!!!

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Jeanneke said...

Wow, thanks for that great Kaffe - link!!
I am going to share it on my blog.


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