Thursday, April 24, 2014

This and That or Scattered Thoughts or Climb Every Mountain!

 Just when you think Spring is officially here things (the weather!) changes. One day we are at 80F and now there is a threat of 29F overnight. P-l-e-a-s-e! Make it stop. OK, I'm done with that little rant. I was remarking to myself on Monday (with a smug little smirk on my face I might add) that I had escaped illness all winter. (insert frown here) Well, I woke up yesterday morning a little more stiff than usual but it has been a busy week. Driving to an appointment with Mr. Sewtopia in rush hour traffic, I noted that my hands were very uncomfortable gripping the steering wheel. Upon return I was feeling worse and worse. Every joint was screaming and I was so cold. I promptly went to bed. The entire day was a total waste because of all this. I had pain where I forgot I had places! Today much better. Flu bug? Arthritis flare? The powers that be letting me know that NO ONE gets off without something.  Lesson here: keep your thoughts to yourself. 

And then there is this...............
I think about things like this, the waste! And this goes on all over the world! Can we make a difference by sewing our clothes? Should we be boycotting the retailers?  
One of those "can you believe this?" photo's on my Facebook Feed! 
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A 16-foot mountain of secondhand clothing, towering over Hong Kong’s Central Star Ferry Pier, is a sight to behold. But the white-peaked behemoth, designed to illustrate the Chinese territory’s textile waste, is just the tip of the precipice. The equivalent of 7.5 tons of textiles, the “3% Mountain” is only a percentage of the 253 tons of clothing Hong Kong residents throw away on average each day, according to the Environmental Protection Department.

And Now Lets Concentrate on The Good Stuff
Sometimes You just find a blog that is special. The whole cyber-atmosphere is so inviting that you find yourself  browsing around and large blocks of time are gone!  Such is  Fiber Flux Blog. What a brilliant presentation here. Patterns and ideas galore. Crochet dishcloths are the current talk over there. What an amazing collection of free patterns bundled here from great crochet sites the blog world over. Just click on the Link to visit and be inspired. From there just click on the title under each picture and it will take you to a free pattern! 30 of them!

Another place to find wonderful collection of free knitting and crochet patterns is the Red Heart Yarn site. Red Heart Yarn also has a newsletter that you can subscribe to for endless variety and yarn news and sales.

Today's Tune: Climb Every Mountain.

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