Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This and That: Birds, Eggs, and Lightbulbs

One of Mary Jane's Scrap Quilts, I have Scraps on the Brain today.
 We have sunshine here. No big deal you say? You are soooooo wrong. Not exactly balmy this morning at 44 F.degrees but I'll take this anytime.

Some musings:
  • The right light bulb is really important. You know those new fangled light bulbs that are supposed to last half a life time? Well, good thing that is a lie and my kitchen light bit the dust the other day. Of course, shopping for this circular fluorescent bulb in the correct wattage is a story in and of itself, but now I can say "let there be light!" Here is the rub, it has already been replaced after maybe 10 months (hmmm) but the dear Hubs used a smaller wattage bulb because that is all he could find at the time. I have spent that time adding supplemental lighting so that I could see what I was doing. Either that or I felt like I was going blind! Nope, just needed the right bulb, who knew? So a side note here, if you had dinner here and there was something extraneous in your food... it was not my fault, blame the bulb!!!!
  • Still on the subject of light bulbs, you know I just did some rearranging in the studio to accommodate Baby.  Wouldn't you know that the pot light, just above the main sewing table, gave up the ghost. Out, gone, dark. No big deal, right? Yes, very big deal because it is high, out of reach and because Big, Heavy, Bulky desk with Big, Heavy, Bulky new machine will have to be moved again to change the darn thing. (please notice that I used a lesser expletive to describe the situation rather than one with more oomph and vitriol. Less than 12 hours out of Easter Confession I don't want to blow the whole deal) No wonder every bone and joint in my arthritic body is screaming. This Bird wants to maintain the good vibes!
  • Speaking of Birds, the crow and raven colony in my little forest are on over-drive today. Now that the Winter chill has left they are all back into their family units and building nests. Enter Miss Lucy the Black Lab and one would thing that the resident Owl or Hawk gang were on the prowl. Poor Lucy, never did her business so fast before!
  • Back to the Birds, here is an interesting little quiz to put you into an avian classification. Facebook provides all sorts of intellectual stimulation.  I am apparently a Swan. (you had to know I would be a BiG Bird! A quick little quiz.
  • And you know, Birds lay eggs. (no joke, an elderly person I know probably the early Dementia kicking in, claims this is not true! That is a story for another time.) There is a Turkey involved. Here is another Facebook contribution from a Quilting Friend I am going to try this.
I wonder if this would work on wooden or ceramic eggs? Have a lovely day Friends.

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Jeanneke said...

The scrap quilt is awesome! I think I want to use my scraps up in a quilt like that. It looks really very happily scrappy.
Enjoy the sun overthere at your place!


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