Friday, April 18, 2014

The Last of the Show Pictures

Much to my surprise the photos I wanted to share this day were of a miniature quilt. Well fiddle-de-de Miss Scarlet they did not show up on my download and were deleted. Do I have a camera glitch? Maybe the it just gave it up since I was snapping away the other day. Even camera's have their limit I suppose! I will see if I can recapture those.  In place of that series I pulled up some of the quilt show lovelies. This quilt was a winner. A fundraiser for a local community library I think it is a stunner. It is large, very large. 

Isn't this one beautiful? I love the geometric play against applique.
A star of any kind is always beautiful. In addition, the colors in this quilt are timeless.

This reminds me of a Spirograph I once had so much fun using.Circle shapes are very popular quilt elements these days.
More stars, leaves and square in a square.

Now this one is some serious color and pattern.

I am absolutely charmed with redwork, this one has a coffee theme! Two loves, one quilt!
Only You, The Platters the music of my past. 

Are you a fan of Victoria Magazine? The elegance and stunning photography transport me to a much more elegant life. Now, the publisher of this and other magazines that feed the feminine spirit has started a blog. My first view of this was today and I know it will soon be very popular. The look of the blog is lovely, the photography is stunning and the text guides the reader to a serenity that we all seek in our day to day lives. Phyllis Hoffman-DePiano is the lady who resurrected Victoria, publishes Tea Time, Cottage Journal, Southern Lady and more. She also took over Sew Beautiful a few years ago but it was not listed in her bio. Need to research that. Her first magazine was Just Cross Stitch! Do you remember that one? I still have piles of them on the shelves. I was a real cross stitch fan back in the day. To introduce you to this bright light in the blog lands I have included a link to the site, enjoy! The Ribbon in my Journal

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