Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Testing Decorative Stitches and Little Blocks

Here is my little basket of Jelly Roll scraps waiting for a purpose.
Good Morning all my Stitch'in Sisters! As I mentioned in a prior post I am considering sashing and borders for the Magic Blocks. I think I know what I want to do and the beginning of the process means that I need to cut up all those left over scraps from the Jelly Rolls into 2 1/2 inch blocks. I have a good start here as you can see:) :) :)
Of course, we all know that the essential but mindless task of cutting fabric into little squares can help one while away a beautiful, foggy, rainy afternoon. My early progress (despite my great intentions) were sidelined by the need to explore the oodles of decorative stitches waiting patiently in Baby's files. So I spent some time doing some test stitching. 

In 1972 I purchased my first machine with decorative stitching capabilities. After 19 years of spinning that dial that shifted the internal cams that 100 pound metal behemoth gave it up. Oh, the machine still worked but the gears were slipping on the dial. Couldn't have that!

With each decade I see amazing improvements in the decorative stitch library. After taking some Heirloom sewing classes I used my decorative stitches regularly for children's clothing, home dec and for my clothing as well. Embroidery was "in" so I was in luck. 

So now I am going to work on some insertion strips for some nightwear that is so sorely needed that I hesitate to be seen outside of my bedroom, even by the dogs!   
The possibities are bouncing around in my wee head!

I picked up a piece of fabric, a fat quarter that I had sitting beside me for test stitches and revved up Baby. Plain old cotton thread on quilting fabric, no stabilizer, off we went. This is only a fraction of the available stitches but I know exactly what I plan to do.

Back to cutting squares, a Quilters work is never done!

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