Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some Easter Ideas for You

Glittered Floral Egg Basket
Paper mache eggs from the craft store, glue on some craft felt, some ribbons or flowers.
Daffodils and Pom-Pom Chicks Basket
This little planter is perfect. I have seen these baskets at craft stores. Add pots of mini daffodils, cover the pots with some nice green moss and pop in some little feathered peeps. A nature lovers dream basket.
Doily BasketHeavily starched doilies are placed over a bowl to dry. Then carefully loosened and fill as desired.

Hello there Bunnies. I cannot believe that Easter is one week from today. Mr. Sewtopia and I were doing a little reminiscing about Easters past, when the boys were little and all the little things we would do to make the day memorable. Things are different now, we have no children to plan for and the dinner table is now down to 5. I remember having two large tables set for this special day. Time marches on. While scanning for ideas I 'borrowed' a few photo's from Martha Stewart. Who else would you emulate for Holiday Crafts?   Paper Easter Baskets

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