Monday, April 7, 2014

Old Patterns Looking New and Fresh While New Machines are just Fabulously New!

Some sweet little boy will be thrilled with this one!

And my news is the arrival of a new sewing/embroidery machine. I know, I know, how many machines does she need? I don't really know the answer to that, obviously. I wanted to upgrade my embroidery capabilities and have more sewing options. Enter the Babylock Unity.  My space is filling up quickly I'm afraid and I had some decisions to make. Something had to give and I didn't want to put Baby in a corner. So I packed up the Vikings and tucked them away. Baby is a big girl, she is something of a space hog actually and her embroidery arm is a doozie as well! 
Here she is on the main desk, ready to assume the #1 position in Sewtopia. Please excuse the surrounding clutter. I am working on that.

She is a beauty, sleek, modern and full of potential.

See that big white item in the number two from the left position? That is the embroidery component. I re-purposed the little drawer unit on the left for the extra feet, even feed foot, embroidery feet and all the other little doo-dad's that came with her.  The ever present computer  is tucked between the arm and the Bernina serger. (I do move that when serging, by the way)  I kept my little pressing mat on the far right because it is very convenient there. 
This machine has so many amenities that it will take some time to learn all the ins and outs but I have a great dealer support system to help with all of this.  I will attempt to document my adventures as I go. I want to continue quilting and return to more garment sewing. I have been pottering around  with small projects and now I need to move on. This machine will hopefully provide the incentives I need. If you are in the market for a new machine, please feel free to ask me questions.
So far:
  • The helpful and knowledgeable dealer spent about an hour and a half demonstrating the basics of machine operation and touched upon some of the more advanced features.  My little brain was reeling with so much information. This machine is very different from my Vikings.  But it is also very intuitive with numbered threading systems for upper and bobbin. There is also an online manual and a video demonstration available with the touch of a finger. I am duly impressed. 
  • The bobbin winder is very slick. You can vary the speed of the wind to accommodate different thread weights.  I can see this very helpful for winding elastic threads, heavier threads for bobbin work and all manner of thread weights. 
  • The upper threading mechanism and the needle threader worked seamlessly, first try. 
  • I did some sample stitching in the utilities menu and am very pleased with the stitch quality.
That's all for now. I finished all the blocks for the Magic Block quilt. They need squared up and arranged for sewing the rows.  Next time.......................

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