Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Quilters Eye Candy from the TRQ Show

Each block in the above quilt has a barn in the center. They are difficult to see in this photo. However, I was initially drawn to the beautiful applique cone flowers. Nice work.
I absolutely love the colors in this one and the lovely applique as well.
This old fashioned style quilt was grabbing my eye as soon as I saw it. Placed on a rack like this I didn't see it right away. It was facing other quilts but I think it would have been stunning seen at a distance as well. Just me I guess but a quilt like this with multiples, many small multiples and gorgeous quilting really impressed me. The photo below shows a close up of the Dresden's, these measured about 5-6 inches in diameter, I didn't measure them. Soon I hope to show you others, like this but much smaller done by someone I know.
Remember this?
Well. that's all for now. Of course, there is more. Tee-Hee! ! ! So much more! I am veering away from my one to two times a week plan just for this. Quilt shows are the exception to the rule:)

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Jeanneke said...

How wonderful!
A friend of mine is working on 20 pieces' Dresden Plates too and oh, they are awesome! Almost delicate, I think.


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