Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Monday, Can't Trust That Day..............

On my last jar of parsley, good thing Spring is here!
  • Wow, another Holiday come and gone.
  • I always cook too much food. You never know when extra people will show up. 
  • Now everyone in attendance has enough food for three days, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) whether they want it or not.
  • I'll never get all my pie dishes or Lock and Locks back. I suspect they are gone for good. 
  • Good excuse to get new ones, do you agree?
  • My studio is a mess and must be dealt with this week. If I have an emergency they will label me a Hoarder! Not good. 
  • Killing off Will Gardener on The Good Wife was a mistake.
  •  Remember when I said I would work on only one project at a time, all that Focus business? I lied. 
  • I am starting to wonder what the "non-pathetic" people do for fun. 
  • In my town when you close a bridge or a tunnel our lives change dramatically. When you say you can't get there from here it is true. Quilt shops be aware.  
Little progress on this  Kaffe project. A visitor to Sewtopia said it gave her a bit of a headache. Um....what do you say to that?  This little beauty on the right has been tickling my brain. Linda finished this a while ago and said that matching up all those points was a little tedious but it really is so geometric, cute, colorful and the contrast is just perfect.  I have  three in progress right now, I am going to finish them....first....right? The Disappearing Four Patch, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Tune of the Day
The Mamas and Papas, 1966, Monday Monday

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