Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lace Easter Eggs and Other Brilliant Ideas

Another great idea for egg decoration. Using lace you can glue a strip of lace or cut out little motifs to mount to the egg. (Use non-toxic washable glue or use eggs with blown out shells, even wooden eggs) Secure the motif, dip in your dye, place on a rack to dry, then carefully remove the lace. I have made these in the past using old curtains that were destined for the bin. I would stretch the lace tightly over the egg and secured the fabric with one of those little wire twistie ties from the bread bags. It took me a while to gather the ties because I bake my own bread. But it worked nicely. Only flaw was the impression, in the back. where I had gathered up the lace. Solution, make that side the back side. Of course, Martha would not have a bad side!
Last week at our Sew and Sews Group we were discussing alternate ways to Hang our quilts. If you want a new idea, no sleeve, no warping, no poufing and waving here is a great idea. Now remember this is for Wall Quilts, decorative pieces that will not likely be used for anything other than this purpose.  Marilyn brought this little beauty to our group yesterday. It is a  Stack-n-Wack pattern, beautiful colors, stitch in the ditch quilting. 
Now, our little Marilyn has apparently forgotten how nimble I am with a camera in hand! You can hide behind that quilt Marilyn but I still see you :) 
Beautifully executed borders and sashing, nice square corners, this would look so good in my entrance hall, just saying.
So here is the back shot. Mounted on a simple wooden frame, stretched taut and balanced with a couple staples in the edges to hold firm. What a great idea! I am in the process of exploring a technique called Snippets. I purchased a book a long time ago and always meant to try it out, we all know about this, but never got around to it. So last week Rose brought in two more Snippet books she picked up at the Salvation Army Flea Market. I studied them all week and the ideas are percolating as we speak, then when I saw this hanging technique I was sold. More on that in the future. I have two quilts I MUST finish first.

Did you see the blood moon the night before last? We had very heavy cloud cover so my viewing was a misty looking sort of pink thing floating in the sky at tree top level. I didn't stay up for the eclipse, I didn't wait for the clouds to clear, I went to bed, slept like a rock. In honor of that I searched for some music to commemorate the occasion, all I could come up with is  Blue Moon, The Marcels, 1961 *turn up your speakers ladies!   


Jeanneke said...

This 'Seven Sisters' Stack 'n Whack is stunning!
The decorated eggs are so pretty.

Happy Easter my friend,


corinne said...

Same to you dear friend, it seems these holidays are coming faster and faster doesn't it?

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