Monday, April 28, 2014

Progress Report

In the Beginning.....
I have been busy with this fabric, for a while. Magic blocks I think they were labeled. After some stitching, un-sewing and re-sewing and rearranging we have this.

I wanted to snap a quick photo, unfinished, before the predicted torrential rain hits later today. Some borders and sashing are in the works, I'm auditioning. After working with fabrics for a while I tire of them. Too busy, too many colors, don't like the pattern. Does this happen with your projects?

you can skip this paragraph if you wish, it is old news. 
When I first started sewing garments, at ripe old age of 12, my parents were not convinced that I would complete the project or I didn't have enough experience to produce something wearable. (Despite the fact that I had been cutting up sheets and making my  own patterns and altering dead people clothes for several years!) I know it was that lack of confidence that tickled, no poked at, my stubborn streak, and kept me going. Anyway, my first "bought" from a store fabric, the JCP at a local mall had a sewing section if you can imagine, was a hideous brown fall floral most likely used to make curtains for a musty camper somewhere. Mother chose it, it was cheap and she figured (I am sure) that if it was wasted they were out only about $1.59! By the time I finished that shirt dress I was so tired of the fabric I only wore the dress if I knew I would keep a coat over it! Lesson learned. If I don't LOVE the fabric, it does not come home. Even then, I get tired.  In conclusion, I will like this again by the time the finishes are done and the quilting is in progress. It is just the way I am.
Baby has a new extension table. She is a beauty. Fits perfectly, legs are stable and it makes piecing better for me. I like the one I had on the Viking but those darn little legs kept popping off. Not on this one, we have a winner. She was bit pricey but there is a sale, and the time was right. Happy Birthday to me.  And yes we have a bit of clutter in the studio. Several things going on at once. I will clean up later. Sew or clean? I am going to bet on Sew, yes?
Today's  tune:
plays homage to beautiful fabric You Light Up my Life, Debbie Boone  I know, corny, but just roll with it, OK? 

I have been Spring cleaning, 
  • I deleted the entire draft database from this blog. This is post 925.
  • It felt good, cathartic.
  • What direction from here? We will see. I am feeling very stagnant, blog-wise.

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