Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fashion, Royals, and the Rest of Us!

Stephen Lock / i-Images /www.i-Images.co
I, for one, am so glad that these two are becoming more visible in the world.  Versions of this dress are everywhere right now. Kate and Fashion are such refreshing alternatives to the current news stream. So lets just take a lookie, OK? The bracelet gifted to Kate from the natives is made from seeds. Doesn't this remind you of our Pandora bracelets?
Pretty dress, blue Wedge heeled shoes. I think if you can wear this look (one needs a slim ankle for these IMO.)  Head on out to your shoe store because these will fly off the shelves.
Classic look, Navy blazer, checked shirt.

Stephen Lock / i-Images / www.i-Images.co
cute little dress and the wedge heeled shoes
Stephen Lock/i-Images/www.i-Images.co
Made from seeds by the natives these are stunning! I am going seed hunting as soon as this rain lets up!
More Wedges in the Sand.

Summary Statement:
  • Navy Blue is THE perfect summer color
  • The style of Kate can be adapted to any budget.
  • Wedge heeled shoes are going to be popular this summer. *I suspect that she wore the wedges because she would sink in the sand and soft soil while walking about and visiting the villages, yes? 3 inch stilettos would be a real ankle snapper in that situation.
  • Kate could wear a burlap sack and look good.
  • His Mum would have been so proud!

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