Thursday, March 6, 2014

And Sew On.......

While I was away the Sew and Sews have been very busy. For example, Mary Jane can take bits and pieces of seemingly mis-matched fabrics and create little quilts that will find happy and appreciative owners. This is a lesson to all of us with scrap collections or donations from others...these fabrics are itching to be used, to be part of a design, a quilt that can bring happiness to someone who otherwise would not know the gift. The cohesive elements: the green and green toned fabrics that compliment the blues. The inner border provides a break for the eye and literally frames the piece. The additional border is a woodland pattern that incorporates many of the colors in the body of the quilt. The piecing is straight forward and the pattern is a symmetrical geometry of center blocks with cornerstones and frame.  
Another example of the same process this one has not yet been framed. When you see how strongly that inner red border defines the piece there is no doubt that this design element can be used in many quilts to provide a finished look.
Any little boy would be thrilled to receive this "Little Soldier" quilt. I should have zoomed in on the center blocks on this one, they are little tin soldiers! Bright and happy this one is again made from fabrics that have been sourced from stash.

Karen has been caught up in the String Blocks as well. Pieced on paper foundations, these blocks go together so quickly, use up scraps or provide great dimension for new fabrics. These are in the process of having their paper backings removed. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Did someone say Strings?  Another great idea here, Kay is making cute little pillows for her porch furniture. Getting ready for Spring? Absolutely!

Jenny is getting ready to knit something. ((((smile))))) We are a multi-dimensional group!
And just look at these Sunbonnet Sue's! Rose has been busy making these miniatures and they are cute as can be!

Always in progress, loom knitted hats for our charities. Linda turned this one out as we chatted! Some lucky baby will look so cute in this!

Well, that's all for now. It is busy here in Sewtopia. Yesterday Mrs. Sewtopia helped bread 500 pounds of cod for the church fish fry. Yes, I said 500 pounds. Tomorrow will be a repeat performance. With the studio in a bit of a toss, some straightening will be required. The recently purchesed knit fabrics have been washed and dried. PJ's are soon to come. New patterns too. My current PJ's are in a horrible state. It became startlingly clear when the bottoms slid to the floor as I was getting out of bed. The elastic is shot, the fabric is threadbare, it is time. I would prefer to quilt, of course, but there are needs to be met and I absolutely refuse to pay $60.00 for quality sleepwear. So there you have it, Sewtopia is like most other households. May your day be filled with purposeful activity that benefits you and your family and reaches out to those who need in your world.     

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