Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Isn't this a cutie? I should add, don't try to sleep if you are considering how to use new fabric! Am I the only person who does this? I actually dream about fabric, at least when I try to sleep!

The excitement for me yesterday was about fabric. I plowed my way to my mailbox, long, long and steep icy driveway and was rewarded with my fabric bundle win from 5 Monkeys Fabric and the My Quilt Infatuation Blog.
Five Monkeys Fabric It is beautiful. I have plans to redecorate my back porch, if and when I can persuade Dear Son to spend the week end enclosing it and screening it. He is good that way, I just need to find a time he is available. We have talked about this, well, I have talked about this for a long time but Mr. Sewtopia is not so keen. When the heat hits he heads for the AC. No porch sitting for that dude! I love to be out there doing some hand piecing, a little crochet or just reading. However, I am a bug magnet. Really. They buzz me, crawl up my leg you name it. And with the miserable Stink Bug situation I am doomed. Therefore, the enclosure. Of course, new furniture will be required and some sweet little pillows and bolsters and table mats maybe a little lap quilt and little lamp shades, you get the idea. I am thinking white furniture but who knows?

So, that is reason number one why I didn't sleep. Number two is tossing around ideas for the Kate Spain Sunnyside fabric. I have changed my mind ten times on this one but I may have come to a decision. I have to lay the fabric out first to get some ideas, I'll keep you posted. 

Still crazy (and not sleeping) after all these years! Sing it to me Paul! (click on the link for the music)

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