Friday, February 21, 2014

Threads, Letting Go

Threads Insider
Big decisions. I know, there are so many other decisions one must make in life how does this rank up there? I have been a loyal subscriber from the beginning. Except for one year or so when the content sunk into a para-military look in the eighties. I needed the extra $ to buy one of many pairs of custom Hockey Skates. You laugh, every 6 to 8 months the big bucks flew out the proverbial window. But I digress.

I have stacks of these things just waiting to be scanned, tabbed, and filed. I mark certain pages with cute little colored paper clips so I can access the information quickly without getting bogged down reading the selected edition cover to cover, advertisement to advertisement. Many in this stack have been hanging around for two to three years. There are four or five stacks just like this in the queue.

Then we have those that have been tabbed and filed, per edition, per year. This is one shelf of four. This is starting to feel like true confessions!!! What is this all about you ask? Well, I haven't sewn garments consistently for some time.  And truth be told, between all these and a gigantic library of Sewing Books, I think I have just about everything covered, you know?

So here's the deal, I dropped my subscription. I actually struggled with this decision. Can you imagine? But I did it. I kept the Threads Insider Online Newsletter, but the paper is gone, history, done. My last issue arrived yesterday. Wrapped in glaring yellow card stock weight paper with "Warning, this is your last issue" written front and back, I admit a little pause, a wavering, a hesitancy. Then I ripped off the offensive yellow paper and added it to the stack of  " be read when I have time" pile. Then I returned to working on the current quilt project. I think that pretty much explains the whole thing. Have a nice weekend.

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