Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Magic Squares #1, or She Can't Talk on the Phone and Sew at the Same Time:)

Let me just preface this post with a statement. Blogger has been acting up, a lot for some reason. I have had little glitches now and then but last night my post disappeared three times. Twice the text went away then all the photo's. Now that could mean that The Great Blog One thought the post was so boring that it just had to do what it had to do. I used to blame these things on my old computer. One thing I know for sure, it is NOT this computer. Ok, I'm done. I don't really want to change platforms but I am considering something else.   Now back to the business at hand, The Magic Squares Quilt Block. (the link will take you to the u-tube video) For the featured quilt you will need one Layer Cake and one Jelly Roll. Got that!

Step 1, take one layer cake square (10 inches x 10 inches) and choose a contrasting Jelly Roll Strip (2 1/2 inches by width of fabric) . Sew a ten inch strip to each side of the square, press to the strip. I lightly spray starch the whole deal at this stage. It makes a nice crisp seam and stabilizes the fabric. The cut across the 2 layered squares is bias. The starch stabilizes the fabric.

Step 2, attach two more strips to the top and bottom of the square, mine measure 14 inches + 3 threads or so, maybe 1/8th inch. Moda cuts with a pinked edge. That sometimes mixes me up a bit but I am not trimming all those little nubs, no way!

Step 3, in the video Jenny folds one square of the pair and presses a marking line. So I did too. I have done this on smaller squares but never one this large. Always caution on the bias.

the fold and press

The square before, the press. Blogger will not let me rearrange these photos.

The press, see how the ridge sort of poofs the whole thing up a bit. It was difficult to smoosh it back down flat to do the stitching. 

So for step 4, you take two 'framed' blocks and place them right sides together, secure them with pins so they don't shift as you sew.  Even after the pinning to secure the two blocks that pressed ridge was in my way.

Step 5, is to stitch 1/4 inch seams on either side of the marked line. then cut the blocks on that marked line. You will then have two finished blocks. Here is block number one. 

Just so you know, subsequent blocks were marked with the trusty pencil. No warp, no wave, no poof!

Now the ugly truth, look at that corner. Not just the result of the pressing of the bias but Mrs. Sewtopia was chatting as well. Friend, Cousin and Sister joined me in conversation while I was measuring and pressing.  And She wonders why the corner is all wonky? In addition, if you are making this block, make sure when you set them right sides together that the blocks line up with the top and bottom strips and the side strips match up. Not top and side face to face. I am sure she mentioned this in the video. I should have watched it again.

Okey-Dokey. this block has been marked with a pencil, the two blocks are faced right side together, correctly, sew and cut and pressed. Good grief how hard can I make this really simple block? It has been way too long since I have sewn anything and it shows.
Kate Spain Fabric, Sunnyside, Moda
Well darlings, now this is a corner to admire if I do say so myself. Now...many more blocks to make. Thank you for your attention to this rambling post. Trust me, the other two were worse!

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