Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday, Friendships

Spring theme
A Creative friend made this sweet little quilt and kindly gave me the extra panel of fabric to make one for myself. How great is that?
 I am sensing a theme in Blogland this week. Three very different perspectives that converge on a theme. Coincidence? Not likely. Many are fortunate to find friends who share their artistic passions. While friendships have many different manifestations, creative friends are very special. A phone call, a get well card, a wagging tail to greet at the door. Friendships.

tea party
My circle of creative friends at a tea party, food, tea, fun.
In the links to the three blogs below I have illustrated three very different friendships. One is a small group of ladies who meet bi-weekly and share their embroidery, quilting and sewing craft with food, tea and fun. Another illustrates an artistic group of new friends who have found commonality in their love for the creative and the willingness to share and teach. A retreat by the North Sea to solidify the friendships. Another is inspired by a friend (s) to be the best person she wants to be within the confines of a busy life, a clarification of sorts. An artist, author and mentor she values her friendships to guide her way.

So where is this going? I am fortunate, really fortunate, to have a few very close friends and many creative friends to inspire and support. I wish that for everyone and finding a creative group to share the  experience is just the cherry on top!

Not the best photo of My Best  Friend, the most wonderful Dog I have ever known, Lucy, the Black Lab. She has cuddled up between pieces of furniture to be next to me and my knitting basket. She is Always right next to me. Love that Dog! And I have known lots of great Dogs!

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