Saturday, January 4, 2014

Serenity Sunday-Sewing as a Stress Reliever.

a single snowflake,  glorious, majestic, magnified

Like a well brewed cup of tea in times of stress, sewing provides a creative distraction for quilters and garment Sewists alike. If you have followed this blog over the last few years you are aware of the difficult times I have faced and how quilting and the amazing friends I have made while learning the craft have helped me deal with those challenges.

I was reminded of  many times when I just mindlessly sewed throughout my life during times of stress and turmoil. I am not alone. I look at past finished pieces and recall when and where I purchased the fabric (most of the time) and who was with me. I have a dear non-quilting friend who indulged me for years and years in one quilt shop after another, on Quilt Shop Hops in dreadful weather and nary a moan or groan was heard. As long as I fed her well!

As we face a long, cold winter I am planning my personal private sewing retreats starting in January.  That time of confinement is stressful and I know that I will need the distraction to endure. I am not a winter girl. The bonus will hopefully be some finished projects! I was blessed by a chance encounter with one of my former students today while shopping. Unique in her approach to life, She has and is facing so many obstacles in her life now but her spirit is strong. What a kind and caring person. 

So may your day be as unique as a single snowflake and one that strengthens your creative spirit.


Massage Melbourne CBD said...

Beautiful view like this is really nice to watch.

corinne said...

I agree. I find my Serenity in nature all the time. Thanks for commenting.

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