Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Light and Interesting Read

Forever ChicI read a lot. I decided to try out another genre for a change of scene and decided to try  Forever Chic. Tish Jett writes an entertaining blog ( A Femme d un Certain Age ) that informs and entertains. She has an interesting and extensive bio that has a large and dedicated following. This little book was released and sold out very quickly. My copy is on my Kindle and I am enjoying immensely. Tish tells her readers that the book will be back on the shelves again soon. Interested in how the French women maintain their chic and elegant lifestyle? Tish shares her personal information and professional insights from pharmacists, doctors, hair stylists and elegant ladies of her acquaintance. Just thought you might like an unsolicited and a non-compensated endorsement.

1 comment:

Fran said...

She lost me when she decided it was a good idea to jet to Paris for a haircut.
Very materialistic blog. The book was entertaining at first, but was superficial.
After all, there are people with real problems on this planet.

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