Monday, December 30, 2013

The Last Monday of the Year, Some Musings

The Christmas Tree at the Point, Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • The Farmers Almanac Is surprisingly accurate with weather predictions.
  • Seed catalogs are the most inspiring mail I receive.
  • I really dislike un-decorating.
  • Who made 'end of sentence high-tone like a question' speech fashionable? Is that Valley Speech? It is as annoying as fingernails scratching a black board!
  • Windows 8 is a total frustration. Who designs this stuff?
  • Will it go away quickly like XP? I may uninstall this and install 7. Just a thought.
  • I will be glad to return to a normal day-in-the-life routine.
  • My linen closet is a disaster, all that unearthing of Holiday linens, and guess what? I found my Halloween Black Lace Spiderweb tablecloth.  A little late on that one.
  • If I never hear Michael Bolton screaming on and on about a certain automobile it will be way too soon. As a result of that miserably produced promotion I would never, ever buy one of those cars!
  • If I use the voice prompt editing soft-wear on this computer will it pick up dog barks? Will it print them as bark-bark? Or just as electronic noise? Can you tell I have been spending too much time on this computer?
  • That light in the sky in Missouri, was it really a meteor? Did anyone call Mulder and Skully? Why not? Geez, do I have to think of everything?
  • I'll stop now. 

And Last but not Least....I am working on some goals for 2014. NOT resolutions. That has never worked out for me. But recently I have read  bloggers lamenting their lists of unfinished projects. One person said she had 104 on her spreadsheet, another 92 and a few in the 40's and 50's! What? No wonder they are beyond overwhelmed. Then I thought about it a bit. While I am no where near that number I have admitted to being a "sprinter." I define that as someone who is thrilled with the design and sourcing of a project. I love doing the test blocks, the patterns, the fabric matching. Then........blah. I loose interest. I suppose the people I mentioned do much the same thing, but on a much larger scale.  As a result, I am working on defining some goals, breaking them into workable segments and completing the three quilts I have started and get going on the one that has me all excited to start. That makes four, total. That is workable isn't it?

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