Tuesday, December 24, 2013

FYI-Calling All Garment Girls

Just had to pop in and check my email during a 'wheels-up' moment in the Holiday preparations. I have vowed to not purchase clothing again this year (The Mount Everest Project) and so far, so good. I sure do need to get cracking after the first of the year to get ready for warm weather. (don't you just love the dreamer aspect that comment? Anyhoo.... I wanted to share this.

Pattern ReviewJust published, if you are interested, the 2014 list of Contests on Pattern Review. A great motivator for the Garment Sewist, these PATTERN REVIEW contests really showcase new and experienced Sewists. Not a contest person I have, in the past,  used the dynamic of the contest forum to motivate my own project. The contests also provide members the opportunity to vote for their favorite entries and there are prizes attached for the winner. All in all a great platform to encourage sewing in our 'throw away' garment culture.

That is another subject altogether.

So, after all the Holiday commotion has waned, pop on over to PR to consider your sewing plans for the New Year!

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