Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Musings-Signs of Retirement

It took me about one minute to  grab my camera, in that one minute a great photo was lost. So yes, one minute can be a really big deal!
Good Morning Busy Bee's. While this season seems really crowded with things that have to be done things that should be done and, quite frankly, things that will probably not get done, my mind wanders among mundane thoughts that produce no end product but does sort out my busy head. For example, this phase of life. Better known as retirement.

Musings related to retirement...............
  • Conversations are now more like comments: ....$3.29 at the this station,  still $3.32 to at this one. Mmmmmm
  • Anything scheduled? Usually Dr. appointments.
  • What are you doing now? Hopefully sewing something.
  • Related to healthcare (that disaster) automated computer polls:...... are you depressed or suicidal? is it better, the same or worse than one year ago? is your level of exercise less, the same or more than last year? and my absolute favorite.....drum roll you have urine leakage? have you told your doctor? Too much information, over the phone yet, to a computer, Yikes!
  • Mealtime is the big event of the day, where? what? when? what about tomorrow? 
  • Mail that I used to toss; advertisements, coupons, discount newspapers seem more interesting than they used to be.
  • I had two watches with dead batteries, I didn't even notice. 
  • Comfortable shoes are really important.
  • My dogs seem smarter.
  • And the most confusing of all, Time seems to be moving faster! Is that because I am moving slower or is this downhill slope of time now has a steeper grade? one minute it slips away..................................much like a good photo.

Bravo U. Pitt!

  •  that's all folks.

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