Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Saturday This and That-Quilt Fabric Goes Mainstream

I moved my Hibiscus indoors, it is blooming furiously!

At the summer Sewing Expo held here I was not surprised to see a couple booths featuring garments made from quilt fabrics. Not just aprons like I tend to do but dresses, jackets, skirts and children's clothes.. It is true that the world of quilt fabrics is vast and has a pattern for any design need. My only question was...'what took you so long?' But truly I believe that garment sewists poo-poo the whole idea. Recently, a young dynamic pattern designer commented on her blog that she, yes she, had made a quilt. Saints preserve us, the comments from the clothing side of the aisle went bonkers! How could she? Ladies, she was not cheating on her husband, she made a quilt! (give them time quilters, they will learn, evolve, grow!) Now after a month or two she easily admitted that she will be making another. Batten the hatches girls, quilting and quilt fabrics are out of the quilting bee and decorating main street. It's enough to make a donkey to swoon!

Enter Kay Whitt.   In yesterdays post from The Moda Fabrics Cutting Table Newsletter Kay and her pattern company Sew Serendipity were featured using quilt fabrics.*****(no compensation received or implied from Moda Fabrics, Kay Whitt or Serendipity Patterns)
sew serendipity
*cute jacket and dress (photo from her blog)  Just some examples.  Check out her site for some fabulous inspiration. !

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