Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Hard to believe that this holiday has come upon us, already. I've been very busy in Sewtopia, unfortunately little sewing to speak of. I have been trying to prioritize projects and finish up some little bits here and there. The Fall purge goes from closet to closet to unfinished quilts as well. The larger question to some of these 'refound' projects is...should I  even bother to complete some of these? I am not ready to part with certain projects and there are a few that I plan to use what is already made but change direction for finishing.

needle turn
This set of  Needle-turn applique pineapples are almost done. (my first attempt at needle-turn) Part of a Block-of-the-month quilt from several years ago, it was my intention to make these into toss pillows. The other 16 blocks have been completed. 
I decided to embroider a dimensional pattern on the pineapple base with a simple back stitch because the fabric was too 'flat.'

 One done, one in the hoop.

Today's link is to another favorite American living in France, blogger. French Word a Day. Kristin is an amazing person who shares her life in France, with her family. She 'teaches' French words and phrases with each post and  she explains the intricacies of the language. In addition, each of these new words/phrases is accompanied by a touching story and beautiful photography. To read her bio Click Here. She announced a little hiatus from blogging for about a month, but a glimpse through prior posts will introduce you to her intelligent, artistic and generous contribution to the webs!

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