Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Little Bit of Downton Abbey, Martha's Flowers and an Announcement

andover fabrics, downton abbey
from Martha Stewart's Arranging Flowers

Now, here in the US we have to wait for the next installment of Downton Abbey until January. Such patience we must have! But fear not, Andover Fabrics is making the wait a little easier on those of us who work with needle and thread. On their blog right here you can get a preview of the stunning fabrics available in November that feature the style and esthetic of the costumes worn by some of the Upstairs Ladies on the series.

The collection is lovely and little mood boards are provided to inspire you to create your own versions. Copyright laws and limitations prevent me from showing you anything here but trust me, they are lovely! Have a lovely day.

Tomorrow we will start the run-up for my little project Handmade Holiday. My little plan is to present one small gift-project each week for the next few weeks that we can exchange over the holidays with friends, family and co-workers. Nothing big or fancy or time consuming here, but an item that is Handmade and useable or purposeful for your own Holiday decor. I have been scouring the webs, the mags, the books etc. and hope you can use an idea or two. Not everything needs to be sewn or knitted or crocheted and may be a wee bit crafty but it is all good when we use our hands to create something special.  Much money is wasted each year on nonsense gifts that cost $5-$20 and more just to have something to exchange. Enough of the wastefulness. In Sewtopia that practice stopped some time ago and sharing the alternatives only seems fair.    Till then.............................

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