Friday, December 4, 2015

This Week at the Ladies of the Cloth Gathering

Are these the cutest little snow people? Terri was ticking these off her needles like a spider spinning a web! Effortless, beautiful, skilled.

Linda is still working on a UFO, these blocks are beautiful. Let me just show you the pics and see for yourself!

  • The UFO, do you have any? I might have a few. I would love to say that I will polish them all off next year. What? Did I say that? Good grief, what was I thinking?
  • Linda's applique skills are meticulous. I am so impressed and cannot wait to see the finished product. No pressure here, whenever.
  • Screaming tendonitis, let me tell you, it is not good. Lots of ice working here. Lots of ice. No more heels, that is it! No more heels!

1 comment:

ELMO said...

Wow, those blocks look like stained glass.

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