Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 21 is National Quiling Day! March 22 is the Day After National Quilting Day, Better Late than Never, Right?

National Quilting Day is here! I really didn't know there was a national day set aside to honor quilting, I have lived a sheltered life. Because I spend time quilting, or thinking about quilting,  (truth be told much more thinking than doing the last two weeks) and all that. So, here are some links to
some very talented and organized and awesome people who did plan ahead...because they knew...remember I really didn't or I would have come up with something significant. Well, at least I would have tried:)  
I found this photo in the files and I am not sure if I posted it. It was likely made by one of the Ladies of the Cloth and I failed to note just who the talented person was. If you see this, and it is you, please let me know. I'm slipping people, slipping. It must be all that fish to bread. Good grief, my mind has turned to breadcrumbs!!!

Ok, so here are some ideas to honor this auspicious day. Really. If I can warm up my sewing room I may lay down a stitch or two to mark the moment. Or I may take a nap. We will see. Have a lovely day. 

Purple Daisies Quilting on Craftsy.

Kathy Tracy is having a Quilt along project on A Sentimental Quilter! (A mug rug I think)

History of National Quilting Day

*no compensation received or implied by these links to other people's work. 


ELMO said...

This post is leaving me wistful, will I ever sit at a machine again.... I miss it.

celkalee said...

As in the "Little Engine that Could" I know you will, I know you will!!!

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