Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Tour 2012, a Photo Share

view to patio, flocked snowflake
reindeer on box, kitchen
 Sometimes, after the season, I say to myself.....what were you thinking? I did mention some time ago that Christmas rather exploded here. Now I wish I could just blink and it would all be removed and safely packed away.

During the take down I took a few photo's since Husband thought this years decorations were the best ever. Funny, they are essentially the same as they have been for a while. I did not put up my Big tree, I could not lift the darn thing up the steps! I think those days may be gone with the wind!
kitchen tree
 So up went the skinnies, not as grand, certainly, but they worked. The best part of all of this is before the Christmas celebration to me. It reminds me of the time when our children were young, so excited and thrilled with the entire advent season. The parties, the plays the visiting and general joy of the season, and of course new toys! 
kitchen tree

little mittens

snowmen by coffee-pot

the only gingerbread in the kitchen this year

skinny Santa's, there are many more, where?

from Son & DIL, kitchen table centerpiece
 How do you cull your Christmas decorations when they have so many memories attached? I have no idea but it won't be happening this year. I will pack all this stuff away, safely in their respective bins and tell myself that next year I am going to need to thin out the decorations. I have said that for several years now, so don't hold your breath.
Byer's Choice

Byer's Choice
 This is only a few of the photo's and about half of the collection. I know, really I do know. Maybe one of these days I will have a sale......................probably not. I may need to pick up one or two more bins, for better sorting.

First thing in the morning these little guys were there to greet me as my coffee was brewing. When I took this down it became very clear that I will need to paint my kitchen this season. It must be done before the Spring/Garden season or it will sit for another year, waiting for some inspiration. Once the weather warms there is no passion for painting inside.

Gingerbread. At one time I had a small business making gift baskets. My house resembled a factory several times per year. Just think about a Gingerbread House factory, at Christmas, in addition to everything else. After a few years of that I closed that door forever. These two wooden plaques I picked up at Shaker Woods in Columbiana, Ohio, during that phase of my life as inspiration. They have been packed away for years. I brought them out into the light to let them know that it was not their fault that I was a Gingerbread maniac. They are so cute, standing at attention by the mixer waiting to inspire another Ginger Bread House, they are still waiting.

Somewhere in the Christmas warehouse is a huge collection of skinny Santas. I suspect they are on the shelves behind that gigantic tree, that never was moved.

Son and DIL are amazing gifters. This Poinsettia and Geranium centerpiece is beautiful. I am hoping the Geraniums bloom during the long, dark, and dreary winter.

My Byer's Choice collection is here and there. On the dry sink in the dining room and on the fireplace mantle. On the "Criers" lady on the left those little, itty-bitty dishes are real porcelain. I have to wedge her into a corner because she is a bit top heavy with the basket of dishes. These little collectables are so well articulated, I never cease to be amazed.  Their clothing and accessories are so cute. They expressions are priceless.

If you are interested in these here is a link to the homepage The little people at Byer's Choice.  Some of the retired people are now quite valuable.

I love sheep. The little Shepardess and her flock grace the upper shelf of the dry sink. The black felt sheep in front came with this particular doll. The rest are collected here and there.
Byer's Choice and the herd on dry sink
dining room centerpiece
the Christmas Season dishes

right side
 The dining room centerpiece came from Home Depot, I know, how elegant can you get? My Holiday Dishes were the first good dishes we bought after marriage. I use the "Partridge" title as a Christmas theme for a "Partridge in a Pear tree!"

Service for 8, with many small and large bowls, salad plates, serve-wear and accessories. Most of it is already put away, these were left out and now I have to take them all out again, restack and repack, it is these types of activities that keeps me out of the bars and off the streets.
my wool Santa pillow
I made this pillow a couple years ago. My first foray into wool applique. It was great fun.
skinny, living room tree
 Tucked into a corner in the living room by one of the teacup/teapot curio's is another, you guessed it, skinny tree. I will rethink this set up next year.

This tree is decorated with old ornaments from Husband's Grandmother, some mini-teacups and teapots, my sewing machine made lace motifs and some silk Poinsettia stems to fill in the bare spots.
Christmas lace made with embroidery program on sewing machine, Viking #1+

lace angel

funny little Polish Santa, one of Husbands favorites
 This silly little wooden Santa on the bench says something in Polish. I picked it up for Husband at Shaker Woods probably 25 years ago. It has held up well. 

the Creche'
  My Nativity set is large and sits on top of an entertainment center in the living room, because it is so bright today (we actually have sunshine)  and with the reflection from the snow all the figures appear washed out in the photo's. The Kings with their camels, Shepard's, many of the animals looked like little white blobs. 

centerpiece, Thomas Kincaid, from MIL

Byer's Choice on mantle, family room 

shelf, entrance hall

 More Byer's Choice. The wreath and garland are Martha Stewart from about 8 years ago, from K-Mart. Greenery with golden hued fruit, pine-cones, ribbon.

The lady here, in the back, has lost her pie. I need to glue it back into her hands.
 The tiny little "rice-lights" don't show up very well.  The traveling lady with her little suitcases is so cute.
 A true blue velvet Santa.
 The Postman complete with little letters and boxes.

 Father and Daughter with their gifts.
family room skinny tree (it looks much better in person, really)
Now, this tree looks much better in person than it does here, really. It is decorated with fine ornaments, woolies and silver beads. The angel on top looks a bit crooked, that's because she is. No matter what I do, she leans to the right, sort of like me, crooked!

new hand-made Polish ornaments

another one

another one
 The three ornaments above were purchased by Husband this year. In the city, Market Square was set up with multiple little shops that specialized in certain Christmas specific gifts, ornaments and foods. I nixed the food, (because they were mostly sweets he didn't need) so he bought these.

Now I'm going to try blinking a lot and maybe all this stuff will magically be put away. Merry Christmas 2012!


ELMO said...

Wow, you weren't kidding, you really deck the halls at Christmas. I managed a wreath and lights on the deck, but it would have been more fun to be at your place.

Corrine said...

And remember now, this is only about half, no porches, bathrooms or bedrooms were shown. Next year, things will be different, I hurt in places where I forgot I had places:) Also wish you were here, can you imagine?

Heather said...

I know exactly how you feel! I love putting the stuff out but just wish it would magically disappear again! At least it looks cold at your place, I have to put the air-conditioning on to pack mine away in sunny 32 degrees Queensland.LOL.

Corrine said...

Yes Heather, we had a White Christmas. I think around 7 inches in two different snowfalls. The first time in a while. Quite frankly, after the week I am ready for the heat and the AC!

 I wish I had a picture of my pickles, I do not and I haven't made them yet for the season but they are really good. I shared the recip...