Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Last Days of August

Well, that's that. Our 'official' Summer of 2015 is in the books. How did that happen? It was a busy time here but not a whole lot of sewing going on I'm afraid. But on second thought I think it was a good thing, this down time. The studio is clean, sorted and ready for action. Most of my big cleaning projects are done and the garden is winding down. I have purged some cupboards and closets and that is a good feeling.

I have done a little hand stitching now and then but nothing to write home about. I have un-knitted a scarf after it was part way done, about 1/3 I think, because I lost the pattern. Then guess what? I found the pattern. Good grief. I fussed about finishing that thing for months and then finally gave up. What does that mean? My adventures in knitting leave a lot to be desired. I am almost done with the EPP blocks, photo's soon. I have even been working on the St. Patrick's Day Cross Stitch Pear. Don't even make a crack about that!

This is an interesting chart posted on Facebook by Julie Kursave. Since bloggers, artists, designers and crafters are bombarded regularly about copyright issues I thought I would put it up here for you to study. It does clear up some questions I have.  I tried to enlarge the chart but it was too distorted to read, I hope you can enlarge this on your side to make it easier to read.
From Julie Kursave, on Facebook, here.
PS: I am going to be a spotty blogger for a while. Now and then. Once in a while. Hope that makes sense, well at least until I figure out how I can make this work more efficiently.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015


You know I enjoy a nice piece of fungus!

Well Dear Readers, 

It is break time again for Me and for Sewtopia. I am losing my oomph for the process and need to sit back and make some decisions. I may or may not continue regular posting. I may or may not change the format a bit or I may just drop off for a while. I am not sure right now. In any case, I have thoroughly enjoyed the work until now and I am hesitant to give it up but when I realistically examine my available time and enthusiasm I find both lacking. 

I'll check back in now and then. In the meantime, keep those machines humming and if you have any advice or ideas please post in a comment or email. 

A Sunday Walk in the Forest and Provocative Statements

Very hectic week this last one. Sometimes I think a good vacation would just be to park Mondo in my own woods and just relax.

We returned from Lancaster County, Pa. A quilters destination, I am suffering Tourist Trap-itis! I haven't been there for a few years and usually avoid the area during peak tourist season. I will not return there during peak season again.  

The crowds were ridiculous, parking was limited, heat was oppressive and there was rudeness all around. This was not the serene and bucolic background for the Sewist that I remember.

Not to get snarky on a Sunday but I have some conclusions:
  • By the end of the traditional tourist season even nice people aren't.
  • I don't travel well in 90+ degree heat with 80% humidity, particularly after stepping in you know what!
  • When I enter your shop do not scowl, no matter what time of the year it is. If you can't be civil there will be no money spent here. 
  • Does the Humane Society intervene in Amish life? I saw a couple incidents where lame horses were being driven to ferry over crowded wagons full of tourists along the roads. One horse I am quite sure collapsed despite being forced to continue. He/She was gasping for air, unable to walk, and wobbling on extremely thin legs with ribs sticking out. That was enough. I left the quilt shop area, (Bird in Hand & Intercourse, Pa.) I could not stand to see this travesty of capitalism from those who claim to live a gentle life, or is it we, the English, who have invented this perception to provide ourselves with a counter to our own hectic lives?       
  • Not one fat-quarter of fabric was purchased, I have plenty already. 
  • From someone very familiar with the way of life here I was warned, remember, these people do not like you. They use you for money and some actually hate you. Oh, and lets not forget the Puppy Mills! OK, I'm done. 
  • If you do not agree or if I have offended, so sorry. My conclusions are my own. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Bird in a Block Quilt!

When I look around the table on Tuesday mornings I never cease to be amazed at talent and diversity of the members of Ladies of the Cloth. Because we share our projects in various states of completion, you may see me post more than once about a particular quilt. A service project for our guild, The Three Rivers Quilters, this little sweetie made by our Linda will bring much joy to a child associated with one of our charities. The little machine appliqued birds alternated with wonky crazy patch blocks in fun colors really shines. That lime green border sets it all perfectly. Yet to be quilted and bound, this quilt is just a small representation of Linda's skill. Thanks for sharing Linda!
 Too cute for words, this little bird motif is suitable for a boy or a girl.
The wonky block in various fabrics, lots of primary colors and different patterns make a statement on the quilt and contrast nicely with the white background bird blocks. 

***Link to the Three Rivers Quilt Guild Website.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One of Those Love/Hate Things!

Do you recognize this? It is a template for a paper pieced block. Our Terri from the Ladies of the Cloth group, shared her first project. Now let me just preface that Terri is multi-accomplished in works of the needle! An expert knitter, she dabbles in many art forms. Her talent is now developing in the quilting arena but she is fearless! In my opinion one has to be a bit fearless to jump into paper piecing. I have attempted it a few times, with mixed success. I tend to get mixed up but one of these days I will try again. Terri found an error in this pattern but found a work-around to finish her blocks.
  Here you go, not quite finished yet but downright cute, yes?

Do you remember that I said multi-talented? Terri also brought these sweet little pins to illustrate her passion for little things.  
Felted and beaded, this one is call my name!

Is there a knitter anywhere who would not want this little sweetie?

Buttons and doo-dad's galore adorn this button themed brooch!

Stamped metal! Are you kidding me? An artists collection that has universal appeal. Do you make "littles?" Has this information given you any ideas? Like I need more ideas!

Anew blog I discovered with stunning quilts and beautiful photography. Take a minute and visit Maureen Cracknell Handmade. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tea Time Tuesday, A Little Corner of Paradise

Can you believe this little cottage corner is so darn cute? First off, crisp white and minty green create a bright and comfy spot to sit back with a cuppa. The chair is a traditional wing back reupholstered in a woven check fabric. Note also there is a matching piping around the seam edges and cushion edges. The decorative pillow is trimmed with a nice thick cotton fringe. I cannot tell if the striped fabric of the pillow is printed or appliqued but it is too sweet. The lower table is what we always referred to as a "pie crust" table. Note the crimped edges. Likely a Vintage piece, it was painted white to suit the decor and compliment the ship-lap paneling of the room.  Of course,   any time you can showcase a box-bay window with mullions you have already hit the jackpot! The higher table reminds me of one I had years ago with stamped metal fringe to compliment a marble top. I used it for plants. I think it is in the barn attic. The dried hydrangea in the white ironstone pitcher are a bonus! PS, check out the adjoining room with the little white desk and the French inspired cane back chair.

***I saw this photo on Facebook I think but could not track a source. It was part of a post from Tea for Two and Two for Tea.

I cannot help but notice that I revert to comfort-type postings when real life gets a bit muddled. This little corner in an unknown house calls to me. I am a voracious reader of many types of fiction and non-fiction, when time permits. I have discovered several authors over the last year or so who speak to real life, to real circumstances that we all live through. Their words of wisdom frequently help me to cope with life. I have started a new 'page' on the right sidebar of the blog to share links to articles and wisdom shared by these extremely talented people. If you are curious please check them out. Even Quilters need support and instruction in disciplines beyond our fabric :) 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday, Monday-a Modern Chevron Quilt to Share.

I want to be more productive. I want to complete projects, not just start them. I want to try some different things.
My Quilty friend, Karen, is someone to emulate. Just look at this little beauty. Modern chevrons in bright and popping colors make this quilt just sing!

Orange is one of those colors that comes in and out of favor. For the last 4 years or so it has been hot, hot, hot. One of Pantone's predicted favorites it shows no evidence of loosing its popularity.

Karen chose this tie-dye looking fabric for the backing, how cool is that? She even mentioned that she hesitated to cut into it! I know the feeling.

She even made a label! Another great completed quilt. Quilted on her domestic machine it is just waiting for its new owner.  Thanks for sharing Karen, as always, beautiful.