Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Teatime Tuesday Post....Today Lets Talk Crochet!

Source: Tea for Two & Two for Tea

Good Morning Happy Hookers! I haven't done much crochet recently and this little project might be just what I need. There was a blog some time ago where a young lady made beautiful tea cozies in a similar vein. Her's were quite intricate. Sadly, she has disappeared from blogland.  It was my intention to share a photo of one of my teapots. But then I started looking for a new pattern I picked up for a Tea Cozy and one thing led to another and after googling Tea Cozy, look what I found! Can you believe these are so darn cute? Click on the source link for more information about the people who posted these photo's but after reading through I could not understand if they sold the finished product, the pattern or what. So I decided to look closely and think about how to duplicate it. If you crochet these would not be too difficult to construct.

  • lots of double crochet stitch
  • a type of shell stitch
  • I am not sure about the pink ribbed ones
  • and those little roses, how about that
  • I did find that pattern, I would like to carve out some time to work on it

Monday, August 3, 2015

Quilting Smalls, This Work is Amazing! Meet Kelly Cline.

Listen to me dear quilting Friends, just when you think there is nothing new that you can do with that sewing machine someone posts a photo on Facebook and starts your little wheels spinning and twirling! Such is the subject of this post. Absolutely beautiful work done by Kelly Cline, these photo's are only two that exemplify her work.
Do you have a collection of doilies that you don't use or just are taking up precious closet space? When I saw her work I knew I just had to share. Meet Professional Long-arm quilter, Kelly Cline! What a great idea! She explains her process and provides beautiful photo's to illustrate just what she does to achieve these stunning results.

While Kelly uses her long-arm to do this work, any sewing machine could be used for the same purpose. Because the pieces are smaller they will move around easily under your throat space. I am a fan of the Supreme Slider (no affiliation) for domestic machines.

I am in the middle of a couple big projects but this is next in the queue for me!  

the Website!
*photo's used with permission, Thank You Kelly!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Row by Row Don't You Know

Have you caught the Row Quilt bug yet? Linda Sue, a Ladies of the Cloth member did one last year and started one this year. Many shops across the country signed on for the project this year after seeing last years success. This in-progress quilt has great 'beach' elements.
My favorite row on this one is the umbrellas, how cute are they?
Happy fabrics, rick-rack and a little bead here and there, what more could you want?
The starfish row is Linda Sue's own design, a perfect addition to this beach themed quilt, don't you agree? 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August is Here, Such a Beautiful Month!

Heirloom Roses
Good Morning Dear Friends. How does it happen that the Summer months seem to pass more quickly than the Winter ones? My flowers are finally starting to bloom, nothing like a 'latent pause!'   As always the first of the month is reminder time. Gentle reminders I call them. So here we go:

  • Your mending will not repair itself, take a few minutes, gather the offending buttons and separated seams and help them out.
  • You still need sunscreen if you are out there. There was no such thing in my youth and now I have to have all those offending spots removed with a sharp scalpel. Trust me, you want that sunscreen.  
  • Water, drink your water. So many reasons. Again, trust me and drink your water.
  • I was reminded recently by a friend how important Sympathy Cards really are. As a result of a dreadful experience she found herself the recipient of such cards and remarked that they meant so much, more than the sender probably even guessed. I know they did for me when I lost precious family members. So do those you care about a little favor, stock up on Sympathy Cards so that you can be that thoughtful person so appreciated by friends and acquaintances.
  • Smile more, eventually it will a new habit. It will make those around you smile more too!
  • Have a wonderful August. I'll be here all month hope you can visit!  
  • August reminds me of great music of my youth, Stranger on the Shore. 
  • Start a new element of design to enhance your quilting. Doodle! Follow this link to read about how Lori Kennedy uses doodling to enhance her quilting. DOODLE, DOODLE, DOODLE!
  •  One more thing, (I am getting like my Uncle Harold. The family used to remark that he would prepare to leave with his hand on the door knob for a long time because he had ONE more thing to tell you!) Sorry, I digress, if you are local, meaning tri-state area  don't forget that the Shaker Woods Festival starts the first weekend of  August. Check out their website here.    
  • I am crazy about baby goats. Click on the link to see two little sweeties and the barn cat get to know each other, Happy First Day of August  

Friday, July 31, 2015

Let's Just Get This Out of the Way Right Now!

Botanical Pumpkin Dinnerware Collection
Can you believe this?
Botanical Pumpkin Dinnerware Collection
There is absolutely no way I cannot share this. Again, those evil people at Williams-Sonoma have added another line of Fall Dinnerware that is making me break another commandment, coveting! How can it be? Pumpkins people, pumpkins! Just look at these, who needs food on them when you can just enjoy them?
 Botanical Pumpkin Dinnerware Collection
Scoop me up some of those taters Mama, comfort food in perfect dinnerware..... it does not get any better than that! When my most recent catalog arrived I was oohing and awhing over one item or another but then I turned a page and smack me down! Here they were, in all their pumpkin glory. Coveting should not be a sin, I am going to see if I can get that changed!
 Botanical Pumpkin Dinnerware Collection
Just look at those napkin rings, are you kidding me?

  Here you go fellow dish-o-philes, go see for yourself!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Aprons, Everyone Needs at least One!

Hello apron fanciers! You already know I am one. I wear them every day, well, every day that I am at home whether I am cooking, sewing or cleaning. I like the protection for my clothes and I like an extra pocket or two. This sweetie was made by our Karen from the Ladies of the Cloth Quilt Group.  Pink and brown play so well together in this version of Butterick 5693. The fabric is from Karen's stash purchased at Joann's. The prints are absolutely perfect in this application. But there is more!

It is reversible! Can you stand it? Tooooooooo cute! 

Since I wear mine over and over and wash, starch (yes you heard me!) and iron mine so much I have to replace them regularly. Depending on the fabric I get 6 months to a year or so from each. I haven't made a reversible one though. Double wear!

Why starch? I started using a simple Niagara spray starch on each one because they get limp after multiple washings but I discovered a great secondary effect of the starch. If I spill on the apron it wipes off easily before anything soaks into the fabric. The starch creates a physical barrier to most spills. And yes, I am sloppy when I cook. I try and try but I always spill something, It has become a fact of life.  
 B6236, Misses' Aprons

B6236 A new Fall 2015 pattern from Butterick, if you are interested. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Melissa Corry and the Log Cabin Swap

 One of my favorite designers/bloggers is Melissa Corry. Talk about a class act. She regularly posts and shares her work and want us to use it, to make our own versions of her work and to share it. While she has been published in many magazines, designs and sells her own patterns as well as just publishing a new book I have never heard one issue on her blog complaining that this person or that person copied her work, was stealing her intellectual property or a whining post about you can't do this or you can't do that. Right now that is golden to me. I have so much respect for the designer who understands the average quilter.

Recently Melissa posted this project on her blog. It is a swap started by her friend Lissa, from Moda. The project involves making red, white and blue log cabin blocks then cutting them in quarters. The participants then keep 12 of the quarters then send the rest of their quarter blocks to Lissa where she mixes them up and sends them back to the participants. The photo is Melissa's blocks cut in quarters before the swap. I cannot wait to see how this all comes out.

 To read the entire post and discover the talents of Melissa Corry just click on the link below. Thank you for sharing your blocks Melissa, they are beautiful. I am thinking this would be a great project for 12 members of any quilting group. Are the Ladies of the Cloth interested in doing something like this? What colors would we choose? Mmmm....blue and yellow? red, white and blue? jewel tones? So many choices. I have to say this red, white and blue with pops of golden yellow looks really good!

***The Link to Happy Quilting,  There is also a Facebook Group about this project.  Log Cabin Swap.