Monday, November 30, 2015


I have searched my photo files to find the correct representation for this day. There really is none. So I will revert to flowers, one of my favorites, the Foxglove. A poisonous flower that heals the heart. One of natures grand contradictions, as is life and death.  It has been four years. It was yesterday. Painful and life changing. Everything is different. My point of reference for my life is before he died and after he died. My Dear Son is no longer sick and I know he is in a better place.  Until we meet again. Love, Mum 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Wardrobe Project, 2016: The Basics: Block Number One- January, February, March

OK dear Sewists, we are going to address the basics for this project. Remember that this is an outline, a guideline. I assume you already know how to sew and have access to information that you will need to work on your project. You have your tools and are working on a plan.

You need to think about your life and your lifestyle. You will determine what you need and what you want to make to build your core wardrobe. I will post tidbits here and there and refer to some masterful people who sew and design and inspire. I also like to share information from bloggers who do not sew but let me just say that they can plan a wardrobe. 

The Wardrobe Project, 2016   The introduction:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Saturday Share: Fabric Covered Magnets from Andrea's Notebook

 DIY fabric magnets
Well, how did your Thanksgiving go? Hopefully, not too many left overs! Since this is the famous, or should I say infamous, Black Friday/Saturday weekend, I wanted to share a quick little craft that could help you use up some of those scraps. Magnets are one of those items that can have great versatility, depending on your style. Magnetic boards in the studio are fantastic for working on your mood board, your work planning or gentle reminders. For the kiddo's of any age, their own little space will stimulate their creativity as well. 

This tutorial uses button kits, available at most big box stores. Don't forget your coupons! I have a bunch of old (sort of ugly) buttons that I may substitute.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Finished Quilts

Lets just briefly consider the finishing of the quilt. Not the mechanics of it, the doing it. Like many, I have several projects in progress at one time. This time of year tends to do this to me no matter how well I attempt to plan my time. Drives me nuts! My studio is a disaster. I plan to purge that space today. I just cannot work with all that clutter. 

But that is not my focus right now. Is it reasonable to plan, piece and finish one project at a time? Is it possible to work on several projects at a time, rotating the work so as not to get bored? I have tried them all and it seems I still end up with multiple things going on. 

There is an ad  on TV again that Walmart has run in the past. The theme is applicable to many of life's challenges. " It's hard to build a future if you can't see past today." To see the future I need to organize and plan. 

These quilters have already figured that out, just look at their finished quilts!

Need some planning prompts? Click on the link and see how this quilter manages her small quilts!
 A Sentimental Quilter blog, Kathy Tracy helps you plan how to finish those small quilts!

***Mary Fons talks about the pre-wash/not pre-wash debate, very entertaining, here!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!
source, here
I can hardly believe that this favorite Holiday has rolled around again so quickly. This time last year we were totally housebound because Mr. had a terrible fall after back surgery and broke his back in two places. He had a second surgery that left him immobile for 6 months. As a result we missed the traditional family Thanksgiving dinner. Little did I know that it would be the last one. Long story, maybe some other time.

So this year we begin a new tradition, fewer people but clearly the best of the bunch :) I know this one will be special because we have decided to maintain certain traditions while adopting some new ones. We are a family in transition like so many. Most important we are more than thankful for the privileged life we lead in this country.  We have abundant food, wonderful shelter, and good health.

That said, have a lovely day no matter where you are and what you do. It is the recognition of good lives that make this day a memorable Holiday.
***probably one of the best Thanksgiving celebrations we have ever had. The food was great, thank you Dear Son and the best of family and friends. Even the dogs were happy and peaceful. That is always what we always wanted. Thankfulness, in all its forms. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Mid-Week Update: Your Wardrobe, Life and Lifestyle

As we get ready for our Thanksgiving celebrations I wanted to pop in and tell what I am thinking while I am making pies, quick breads, cookies and noodles. I am the baker, even though I am not much of a baker anymore, I am the Thanksgiving baker....and noodle maker! Wonders never cease.

Life and Lifestyle, that is the topic for the day. It is one of those topics that should be dominate in our decisions to sew our clothes. When you consider that you are going to spend lots of time, energy and talent to create your core pieces, it is essential that each piece fits your life and lifestyle perfectly. This will not be throw away fashion. This is the good stuff, the items that you would purchase in a high end boutique with good fabric, good fit, and personalized details.

Using myself as an example I will explain how I sort it all out. Of course, retirement has totally changed my needs. I spend most of my time at home. My outings are shopping, meetings, dinners out with friends and family, church and church related events as well as dog walking and gardening. In my journal I have divided these categories to give me a more defined objective such as ...."I want to make a new Spring coat." 
You might like to think about your lifestyle like a pie chart. Examine your time and activities and what core wardrobe you need to be comfortably and appropriately dressed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Turkish Tea Set

source here. Handmade Turkish copper and crystal tea set.  11/24/15 addendum *please understand that this post was written and scheduled days before current world events. I do apologize if it seems insensitive, that was never the intent. 

A wee bit over the top, yes? But it is beautiful and I wanted to show you. For someone who leans to a more modest presentation this one is not likely to ever cross my radar! It is beautiful. I like the little caps that top each cup. I like my hot tea hot.

I think I am going to be knitting a tea cozy. Terri is going to help me.
Crochet with Raymond, One of my favorite early blogs. Click here to see the Ravelry patterns offered.

Is this the cutest thing? Knitted, help!    Coxe_007_small2