Monday, September 17, 2018

Panning for Gold

Much like panning for gold, the person who found this quilt top during a clean out sure hit the mother lode! These photo's do not do it justice. It is stunning. She gave it to Pat, the master of the Big Stitch to layer and quilt. 
Shared by Quilty Friend, Pat from the Ladies of the Cloth Group, we were all enchanted. It was given to her to layer and quilt and that she did with her perfect, precise Big Stitch hand quilting.
 Just look at the vintage fabrics and how they play so well togetherπŸ’•πŸ’•
The top was completely pieced, even the borders. Pat did the quilting and the binding.
You can really appreciate Pat's beautiful quilting in this border piece.
And this.
As I mentioned before, Gold, a quilters gold.

Friday, September 14, 2018

This Week in Sewtopia....The 9 patch is Still Very Popular!

The nine patch is always a favorite for me. There are so many ways to use this traditional design. I wanted to briefly re-visit some of those from this blog over the last 8 years. I know, 8 years.
In spite of the continuing heat, Fall is certainly on its way. I have been painfully busy this week and had little time to write, so sorry. My front porch will be transitioned soon to Fall. Some Mums, some pumpkins, you know, the symbols of the season. These two Vintage Quilts grace the rockers off and on all Summer. I don't leave them out long, don't want sun fade or dampness to harm them. Dealing with the busy spiders is one of my least favorite tasks, in one evening the little stinkers take over. 

The reason we are discussing 9 patch quilts today is one I should have addressed some time ago. This picture, this quilt from a blog no longer available is one of the most viewed on my blog over all these years. It averages 300 + views per day! Can you imagine? Why? Because this pattern is universally a favorite. Cut it up, switch it around and have another incantation. Change your colors and/or prints, and yet another totally different design emerges. 


 Cutting nine patch blocks with the Accuquilt.

This is one of several in-progress nine patch projects. These are a few left overs from another project.
A Halloween/Fall nine patch for my Husband.

A disappearing nine patch from The Ladies of the Cloth.

One of my absolute favorite quilt patterns is the 9 patch, in all its forms. I keep seeing this on pop up of the Quilters Digest page on Facebook. Too cute.
Another beauty from the Ladies of the Cloth group.
  • For several years the quilt below has been featured on other blogs and on social media sites. Why? Because it is a nine patch, traditional yet thoroughly modern in its approach.
  • Linear and geographic but quilted in the negative spaces with curves. The contrast is beautiful.
  • I may start blogging once or twice per week. I'll try that for a while, I do have some lovely work to share but not much time.   
  • Have a lovely week end dear Sewists, back sometime next week!😁

Two Methods for Easy, Accurate Nine-Patch Blocks

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Garden in Early September - Home and Garden

Petunias. Such happy little flowers, mostly water-logged. We have had so much rain that all my garden vegetables a watery. The flowers had to have extra drainage holes added to their pots. Root rot has been an issue for me. But these little sweeties, came back. Happy.
In the foreground the sage has been attacked by something. I just pick the good leaves to dry. I have Spaghetti Squash everywhere. The one plant, one, invaded every bed. I just harvested 15 of them. My friends are starting to run the other way.πŸ’¨

The Cubana peppers are setting blossoms again. This has been a continuous harvest all Summer long. Tomatoes are finally coming on, very wet inside. I just picked a batch and I have them in the dehydrator. Let you know how that goes..................
Said it before, say it's a good thing she is so cute. Just home from the groomer, buffed and fluffed, jumped into the pool. That's my girl. Had a little purple bow in her hair, no idea where that went. Not a prissy little girl, she is a junk yard dog!πŸ’˜

  • Hope to re-landscape in Spring. We need to deer proof. With our location on the edge of and surrounded by a little forest, we are like sitting ducks for every critter. Deer are problems but I have to tell you the Turkey's.....are a menace. They dig everything up.
  • Not sure about next years garden plantings. The gardener didn't place things the way I do. That makes a difference in raised beds. They are 4 feet x 8 feet. Space is at a premium and plants with long vines need room to grow. Just saying.  
  • Have a lovely weekend....we are back working on the ark. πŸ‘«

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Looking to the Past - Part Two

One thing is certain, our Ladies of the Cloth group has much to share about their craft. Whether it is quilting, the original focus of the group at founding, yarn crafts such as spinning, knitting crocheting or felting, paper crafts or wool work, each genre has its place here. This is another of Kay's family quilts. Just look at all those tiny little blocks!
Just look at the outside border on this one, it is also bound with bias edging!
Seriously, can you believe all the pieces in this log cabin? Just look at all the beautiful and precise  embroidery stitching. This is a "Summer quilt." No batting. 

The backing.

What a treasure, Can you imagine the time this took to create?

Monday, September 3, 2018

Announcement and Apology

Image result for scribbles
I am done playing with the blog. If you tuned in over the weekend this poor blog had at least 5 or 6 different appearances with more or less gadgets and layouts than I knew existed! Of course, the Sewist HAD to complicate the whole business by neglecting to back up the original content before messing around. YIKES! What a mess. While it is not quite the appearance I was looking for it is the way it is. As close to the original as I can remember. Remind me to keep my ideas to myself, OK? I am so sorry for the confusion. Tomorrow we have a good one coming up, be sure to tune in to Vintage quilts, part 2. 

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Looking to the Past - Part One

A crazy quilt with meticulous stitching.
At a recent Ladies of the Cloth gathering Kay shared a beautiful collection of antique quilts and coverlet handed down through her family. You can imagine how thrilled we all were to have a glimpse of this work that will soon be donated to a quilt Museum in Texas. A family member is curator there and will lovingly care and preserve them. 

Often we question where our work will spend their time after we have passed them on. Family treasures deserve respect and use. I don't consider anything I have made to be at the masterpiece level. My quilts are used, really used, washed dried and used again. Maybe one day I will get to the masterpiece❤

   We examined each quilt as though it was a quilt turning event.

 The beautiful, intricate piecing along with the vintage color palate had us all oohing and aahing!

Just look at all these beautiful fabrics. Likely a collection over time. The traditional hand stitch quilting in squares off set this pattern so well. 
  • I have more photo's to share in the next post. 
  • I have a large cedar chest to clean out in MIL's attic. She said it is full of quilts. It has been there for 70 years, so, who knows. When the weather cools I will climb up there. 
  • Have a lovely Labor Day weekend. What in the world happened to Summer?

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Checking In.................

This is a little Tasha Tudor print. From From Tasha Tudor and Family website.
Despite the oppressive heat and humidity here I am looking forward to Fall. 103 years ago a lovely little baby entered the world, she would be known as Tasha Tudor. (*the full story is on the family website) An unbelievably talented artist, Tasha is known for her charming illustrations in water color and pencil depicting her family life, her pets and animals as well as her gardens and lifestyle.   

Lola the Wonder Dog went for her first beauty shop appointment. She did well, we were nervous that it would over stimulate her. She is a sensitive little girl, loves people, loves other dogs but the large German Shepard barking next to her gave her the trembles. She did fine. I think the staff was relieved when we left so they could get to work. 
 Her curls have been blown and dried and fluffed, the little curls that were covering her eyes have been trimmed away and she is sporting an new neck scarf and a bow in her hair! From there we went to visit the church offices, she was the bright spot of the week. Then we visited the assisted living residence where MIL now lives. She cheered so many. She is enthusiastic, soft and fluffy. She brought smiles and a few tears to the residents she met. Such a small gesture for such sad and lonely elders. 

Panning for Gold