Sunday, November 4, 2012

Squares or Pinwheels for the Dogwood Charm Quilt?

All-righty then. Let me just say it is a good thing I am not making life and death decisions on this quilt! Between indecision and procrastination I have been totally disconnected from this project. It has been a very busy week, but I think after the last quilt being a tosser, I am being a little more careful, hesitant, lazy. Whatever  (as the disconnected and disenchanted youth like to say.)

The expression on the face of this little baby, born in Greenville Zoo, sort of capsulizes my thoughts. How cute is he? Actually, the knees look rather familiar as well.

Back to the quilt. I ordered the Snow-White and the Off-White  Moda jellyrolls from the amazing Fat Quarter Shop. Their colors are almost the same, just a wee bit more yellow in the off-white I think. As mentioned in the prior post, I am not sure it will make that much difference so I ended up with the off-white option. Then I decided to spin the blocks around. Sorry for the lousy lighting, but it is dark and dreary here. So, to explain, I took the first three rows and turned the blocks to a square formation.
The rows on the right still show the pinwheels. I am thinking squares, what do you think?

Really, these colors are not this dreadful in person. At least I don't think they are, but then again, I have been struggling with colors. Since pastels, in general, are not my forte, this will be something of a test. Talk soon.

*I receive no compensation from the Fat Quarter Shop, just a very satisfied customer.


Jeanneke said...

I think it's not so easy...
The squares look rather nice, but the pinwheels are not bad at all. They might need some solids in the background at some places.
The olive green with the kind of faded floral print is too heavy in the blocks at this stage, I think.
Haven't been of much help to you, I'm afraid...


Corrine said...

No, you have been helpful. Those dark green triangle need to be arranged in the corners, maybe opposing corners or on the outside because they look too dominating where they are. The bad photography actually pointed that out to me too. Thanks so much for you opinion, I really do need some insight!!!

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