Friday, November 9, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

During my career years it was my intention to retire early and start a long-arm quilting business in my converted double garage. Well, that did not happen. My physical limitations do not accommodate the operation of a long-arm machine. Sigh. Plan B. A few years ago several manufactuers presesnted a new machine. The mid-arm, sit down. Be still my heart. So for about two years I have researched and debated the purchase of this machine. I decided that I didn't really need another machine and continued to quilt on my domestic machine, that is when the American Association of Quilt Wrestlers was born. My first meeting occurred during this post. I always felt like the quilt was fighting me, and winning. After much recent fussing Husband said, Oh please, buy the machine. Ah, OK.
She is on the way as we speak. She should be here late next week. I have started rearranging the furniture and machines in the studio to make room. A rather daunting task I might add. I really should convert the double garage space, then I may have enough room! I have actually been dreaming about quilting. I have rededicated myself to mastering free motion quilting. I have continued to follow  Leah Day's 365 Free Motion Quilt Project but I have been slacking on the samples! Now I have no excuse. I know, this woman needs to get out more!  I will likely get out less, I will be bonding with Sweetie.

Much more information to follow. Have a wonderful weekend. There is frost on the ground in the am and warming in the afternoon. I still have bulbs to plant. May the winter winds hold off another week, please.


Jeanneke said...

Your new Sweety looks really fantastic!! Enjoy her company and working with her when she finally has arrived :>)
Looking forward to your quilting results.


Corrine said...

I know that my process will improve. Wrestling a large quilt in a domestic sewing machine was not enjoyable no matter what I did, so this was the next step. I will be posting progress and results!

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