Friday, October 12, 2012

Personal Challenge, Climbing Mt. Everest With Lady Jane

Photo: The peak of Mount Everest

Welcome, Friday. I have been toying with a new challenge. Several bloggers have started a group to address this issue. They are really committed, signing up, throwing down their personal gauntlet. On a small scale I have made my own decision.
This is a hot topic with me!

Along with my new commitment to reduce my on-line and tech obsession time drain, I have seriously considered a New Challenge. I have been so disillusioned with RTW over the last few years that buying clothing is a frustrating event for me. Fit is poor, construction is ratty, fabrics are cheap and poor quality over all. I recently have been reviewing some catalogs from well known retailers. Some of the elements are lovely, on the page. But the prices! Egad! I am absolutely not going to pay these astronomical prices for marginal RTW.  
Husband thinks my project is a crock!

Where is this going you ask? Inspired by the new Mood Network contributors (some I already know, others not) I know I can do better....if I can carve out the time. Again, back to the time issue. This has been kicking around for a while but because I hate the fact that I have trouble with these commitments, I have been procrastinating.  This is a habit I have been honing for a couple years, this procrastination thing.  Actually it is relatively new to me, never participated before, but it has been a well used tool in my arsenal of excuses.   No more Lady Jane (remember the Lady Jane story? here ) we need to get this act together. Currently there are major holes in the wardrobe that need addressed. Nothing drastic, but I need to concentrate.
Bertie is going to get her fresh padding! Sadly, Bertie still needs her padding!

Fitting issues aside, I have made a decision. I will try as hard as possible to not purchase clothing.  This will exclude undergarments, I am not that brave. My start date is effective today, October 12. I will track my personal angst and frustrations on a separate page on this blog. It is titled The Mount Everest Project. It is sort of a thinking out loud type of project. It is accessible on the blog, under the "Pages" section if you care to look. Wish me luck. I did do this once with quilting fabrics, it was difficult, but I did it. (The day after the year was up, I went to a quilt shop and just picked up two little pieces to finish a project, that's all, didn't go wild!)

PS: I hate doing this kind of stuff because I always capitulate. Wish me luck.

Gratuity Moment: Happy Anniversary to my Son and his Wife. What a great couple!


Scruffybadger said...

Well done for taking on this challenge!! Doing it myself I'm finding it didn't take long to change behaviours or the way I think. I wouldn't dream of clothes shopping now, and rarely go into a clothes shop. What's the point after all?! Hope you enjoy it :-)

Corrine said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts and comments! I need all the help I can get. I think that the challenge is the only way that I will use up the stash and stay away from the junk.

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