Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Olympic Sewing

The Charm Jumble rows are all assembled, pressed with seams open, starched (because I like to do that) and hanging on the front bar of the Coronet. Now we have to web the row.
These are the small trimmed pieces from the Moda Sunnyside collection from last Summer, I think. I am making four patch blocks with white contrast and will probably add them to the Charm Jumble because I have left over pieces from the same line in the charm squares. Need to audition after the rows are webbed to see if it works. You never know with scraps. The white blocks may not work with the multitude of colors and patterns.

I have always been a fan of the Olympics. Watching that is. Ever since childhood I bonded with skiers and skaters feeling myself glide and fly right along with them. They make it look so easy. However, not liking the cold weather leaves me at a loss so I came up with my own Olympic Event!
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This event requires a sewing machine, scrap or left-over fabrics and a television. If you are like me you have bits and pieces left over from many projects or orphan charms or jelly roll strips that have no defined purpose. Why not use them for this project? That's what I said.

For this event I had three orphan charm packs, some colors coordinated, some were just neutrals. I pieced them in pairs, then fours, then a string of 12. I have 11 strips all together. The look I am going for is scrappy and random.  

I have been working on consistency in piecing. I have had a problem with the piece slipping, just a thread or two and the end of a run. Easy fix. I was watching a Bonnie Hunter quilt cam where she addressed this problem. A consistent and steady left hand while feeding the fabric through the feed dogs is the answer. Hold onto that piece with the left hand steady and the right hand feeding...right up to the last stitch!I pieced 142 items last night, one after the other, decent speed and only two slips. I have found my answer. My left hand! And it was there all alongπŸ’˜πŸ’˜ 

And I was watching the Olympics at the same time. I gave myself a 10 on color and collection and a 9.8 for execution. Two thread slips, minus two points!πŸ˜€  

So, here is the Charm Jumble Collection Event in rows. And the Eternal Tumbler Event as well. Please remember that these are the preliminary events, finals are a way off! 

Tumbler Rows, Done! Now to press and trim. More on this one later......................

  • I want to use up all the bits and pieces if possible this year. It seems like I keep finding more. This happens when I clean!
  • Basting is coming up, to me, that is an Olympic event that I could easily avoid but it is a quest. Much like cross-country skiing! 
  • Ive been naughty. Bought more fabric. For this event I won the GOLD!    

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