Sunday, November 1, 2015

November First

 As we usher in another month of the count down to 2016, let us remember that it is also Public Service Announcement time.
This is reminder day you know.
  • Lets catch up on our mending.
  • Check the girls and make all those Dr. appointments that we have been postponing.
  • And lets check all of our over-the-counter medications lurking in our medicine chest for out dates. With the beginning of the infamous cold and flu season we must be prepared. Restock and re-supply so you won't need to venture out if some little germ moves in.
  • Speaking of germs, the biggest carrier is your own hands. I know, it doesn't seem fair but there you have it. Wash your hands regularly using a good soap and warm, not hot, water. Remember to use a good moisturising lotion as well to prevent those nasty little cracks that let the germs in! 
  • And about the hands, keep them away from your face. An innocent rub of the eye or touch to the lips can spell germ disaster. Don't open the door for them.
  • If you are ill. Stay home if you can. Try not to share.

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