Thursday, July 23, 2015

There Are No Quilt Shops in Barcelona!

Not a stitch has been sewn in Sewtopia in about two weeks. It has been a long time since that happened. Not a problem, I am referring to this little pause as an attempt to recharge my batteries. Life has been busy and a little complicated in addition to a little vacation that has been a nice break.

 Right before the downpour in Barcelona, New York I captured these ominous influx of clouds. You can just barely see the fogged in demarcation of the Lake Erie horizon.  A bad storm followed and washed out parts of the road and shoulders, clogged storm drains and generally added inches of rain that this area does not need. They are saturated.
My trip to this little town was on the way to some of the Lake Erie Wineries.
In the Marina
This is an ancient lighthouse on the rise above the marina, the light keepers house to the right.
A long view of the lighthouse.
A little picnic area below the lighthouse above a small cliff leading down to the water. It was cold and rainy, there were no picnics.
The light keepers house appears to be under restoration, there was no admission. I would have liked a tour. Note the cones are not to block admission but to remind anyone brave enough to walk out there that ground is saturated and little ponds are everywhere! We drove though the town on Route 5, and I did not see a quilt shop or a sign for a quilt shop anywhere but that is OK. I swore I would not buy any more fabric. I did, really!

Today's Music: Anastacia-I'm Outta Love  (1999)

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