Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Another Ladies of the Cloth sharing moment here. I am always excited to see how different people interpret a pattern in fabric. This is an Eleanor Burns pattern that Marilyn tweaked a bit. The quilt requires 6 fabrics and after she pieced the top there was one fabric she was not particularly keen on so she replaced it. Now THAT is a quilter!
See what I mean by Pretty in Pink? This is absolutely adorable and the green mini border just pops. What is special here you ask? It is the outer border stitching and the backing.
  The channel quilting in this border makes it special. Row after row adds dimension and weight to the piece. Now can you see how nicely it plays with the fleece fabric used as the backing. NO batting in this quilt. The fleece backing has weight and warmth built right in! I have used fleece as backing and as batting and it performs flawlessly. Some people report stretching with stitching but I have not had that problem nor has Marilyn with this quilt. If you have stretching problems experiment with a walking foot or a larger stitch length to put more thread into the stitched rows.
Note how the stitching turns the corner! Now this is a cuddle quilt if there ever was one, thanks for sharing it Marilyn.

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