Thursday, July 30, 2015

Aprons, Everyone Needs at least One!

Hello apron fanciers! You already know I am one. I wear them every day, well, every day that I am at home whether I am cooking, sewing or cleaning. I like the protection for my clothes and I like an extra pocket or two. This sweetie was made by our Karen from the Ladies of the Cloth Quilt Group.  Pink and brown play so well together in this version of Butterick 5693. The fabric is from Karen's stash purchased at Joann's. The prints are absolutely perfect in this application. But there is more!

It is reversible! Can you stand it? Tooooooooo cute! 

Since I wear mine over and over and wash, starch (yes you heard me!) and iron mine so much I have to replace them regularly. Depending on the fabric I get 6 months to a year or so from each. I haven't made a reversible one though. Double wear!

Why starch? I started using a simple Niagara spray starch on each one because they get limp after multiple washings but I discovered a great secondary effect of the starch. If I spill on the apron it wipes off easily before anything soaks into the fabric. The starch creates a physical barrier to most spills. And yes, I am sloppy when I cook. I try and try but I always spill something, It has become a fact of life.  
 B6236, Misses' Aprons

B6236 A new Fall 2015 pattern from Butterick, if you are interested. 

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